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Posted:Kind of a strange question but please somebody help....

Im trying to get into body piercing. I was told the best way to get into it was to find a studio that could take me on as an apprentice and train me. Easy enough however apprenticeships are few and far between.

Does anyone know of any tattoo or piercing studios that might consider taking me on? I live in Croydon, Surrey (UK) so studios around Surrey or London would be best.

Thank you x x x

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Posted:You wish to mutilate peoples bodies? You go grrrl!!!

C@ntus may well know something about places down there, he designs tattoos. He is a funky groovy man.

For general info about body piercing, jeremy is a newbie on the site. However he lives in Ozland, so may not know UK-specific info...

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Posted:I know the london peircing studio used to run courses, used to have a couple of friends who did it. other peircers got I know got thier jobs through being percing freaks that got friendly with thier local sadists.


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