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Posted:Just wondering whether u have flynts aka stace mobile number ..... and is there any twirling happening tomorrow night. thanks

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Posted:yes. yes.
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please know that I have never shared information that is given to me in confidence('cept falloutboy, that third-nipple's a doozy i couldn't hide!). if i knew your number, i would not pass it on freely without your permission. likewise I will not share Flynt's details (she is blood type o, actually) just yet. I'm assuming that you've tried contacting her via the internet and that she's yet unaware of your blips. She may take a bit to respond to my SMS as it's 1:10am Melbourne time right now.
I've sent you a personal message with my number, cus ima big sucker for new firey mates!

if you give me anough notice, we can pretty much burn most nights, cus ima committed pyromaniac as they come!!! thanks fer ya message!

(also, let's keep our private messages in the private messages section! you can delete this topic if you like!)

meep indeed.

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Posted:OMG Bender you gave out my bloodtype? ARGH!

Burnfest honey, you lost my number since i gave it to you b4? check your pm's darlin.

*gets revenge on bender by sending him a message at 6:40am...* mwaaa haa ahaaaa

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