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Posted:I'm wondering what people's perspectives are on this.

On the one hand there are a lot of great discussions on the danger. But on the other hand you have plenty of pictures in the galleries that seem to just glamorise it without any useful information.

Does anyone think this is hypocritical?


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Posted:Another vote for the opinion that HoP doesn't glamorise Fire Breathing. HoP aims to provide information about Fire Breathing so that this information is available on the largest Fire Spinning site on the web and so can be easily found and people educated.

The other option is that we enter denial and people thinking about fire will not have the same access to information about a dangerous activity and potentially cause damage to themselves and/or others.

So it's a gamble we take and by the sounds of it one that most people on HoP agree with. We, the mods, and Malcolm, the owner of this site, have made the educated decision to allow pictures and discussion of Fire Breathing. We stand by this decision and openly invite constructive discussion of this decision.


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Posted:Written by: NYC Pyro

i personally would only do it for the challange

That statement would make alot of sense if the basic action of it was challenging. But it's not, and that's why drunken idiots believe they can do it.
It is the safety of it that is challenging, because in all honesty, there is no such thing.

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