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Posted:where's my rolleyes post icon thingy?

anyhow, i'm sitting at teh table eating a sandwhich, right? and my dad's cooking trays of toast for my stepmum to take to school the next day, and my stepmum and her friend are walking around teh living room having graphic discussions about what this one guy they know wants.

i didn't even stop eating. it was actually pretty disgusting, but working in a vet clinic has made me immune to loosing my appetite. nothing any guy they know babbles on about even approaches big pussy tumors.

hey it's a good skill right? but does anyone else/ did anyone else live in a house that weird?

p.s. i'm moving out on weds yay

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Posted:yay!!! Kyri's moving!!!

I live in a very weird household. My flatmate doesn't even drink. Nah, its actually fairly tame really.

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Posted:i used to live in a weird house!

There was six of us in a three bedroom house, My parents in the main bedroom, my brother Sparx in what could only be described as a study, my Aunt Stephe, we called her Stephen and told her she was a man, she was in the other bedroom, My sister Jost who lived in the foyer, which was the size of a postage stamp, and me living in the shed! (i had the most room, but corrugated iron walls are the pits in winter...)

` needless to say, it was a bit insane, and when we werent killing each other or yodelling, or having shoe flinging competitions, or trying to take the powerlines out with a kite, or thinking of names to call Sparx''s bonzai trees.... um, it was a bit mad, yeah, i think thats the point....

` then i moved out and it all got boring ! HA!

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