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Location: NSW Australia

I recently purchased some SAI for my sister, cause she saw the movie Elektra.
And she wants to know some cool things to do with them.

I taught her the basic junk, like the different ways to hold them, and how to transition between these grips. And i showed her a handspin, but i think it will be a while before she can do that. I can kinda do a 3beat weave thing with them too.

So im wondering, does anyone use these to twirl, or have any ideas for stuff to do with them? Hard stuff would be good, cause then even I can have a challenge.

(PS. I know they are a martial art weapon, designed for defence, and they should not be used without first learning the unarmed forms of karate, and be supervised by a qualified instructor, but i dont care, theyre blunt so they wont harm anyone)
(PPS. i know blunt things can hurt but dont waste this thread with info on ways blunt things hurt and the dangers of twirling sai.)

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"Once I was spinning sai and it flew up and took out my eye!"

No, seriously now, you could ask on
but I don't know how helpful or friendly they would be. If you do post there, be sure not to include my name anywhere.

Is it hot in here, or was I just engulfed in flames?

LOL! Yeh, go ahead and post there. Tell them exactly why you're asking! ubblol ubblol ubblol And be sure to tell them your views on learning without an instructor. tongue

Actually, let me change that! They'll probably make fun of you!

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Location: NSW Australia

hmmm, interesting replies,
nothing usefull at all
thanx guys

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Hey there aint much to do with sai, what do you expect from a weapon mainly designed to quickly take down peeps with swords, you don't spin them around looking all flashy, soooooooooo make some stuff up smile smile

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If you go to and look up the weaponmaster kits, they've got a nice sai and book set. I've got the book in question, and it teaches the basic moves and twirls.

You can just get the title of the book from martialartsmart, and get your local bookstore to order it. Also, if you bought the sai from a martial arts store, they may have this book in already.
Or you can just go to, type in "sai" and see what titles come up. Hope this helps some:)

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you can used them to kick my ass, as i found out when my friend gave me a big stick a challenged me to a fight. Cheeky bugger had sai and wooped me good un' proper. Good fun tho.

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