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Gnarly Cranium
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Posted:I've only recently discovered poi, just a rank beginner ordering my first practice set and figuring out how it all works... and I'm curious what's up with this obsession with fire.

Do people just hate tailed poi for some reason? In all the pictures and videos I've seen, and from the performances I've seen (though I've only seen glow poi and tailed in real life, not fire) I definitely liked the tailed poi a lot better, the flow of it was just plain hypnotic and nifty. That was the first type I ever saw actually, I walked all the way across a park just to figure out what the heck I was looking at.

Glow poi hurt, and don't have too much of an effect unless you're in the dark. Fire poi hurt when they hit you too, and also come with nasty smells, fuel stains, fuel spills, legal issues, safety equipment AND a person supervising nearby to help with safety, and all sorts of possibilities of maiming. You can't use them indoors, and unless you get into wacky chemicals they only come in one color.

Now, don't get me wrong, fire is cool (I'm descended from a long line of pyros myself), but are tailed poi really THAT boring? So they tangle sometimes, and they aren't too great outside in a wind, but for anything indoors shouldn't they be great?

Not trying to stir up a riot here if I'm unknowingly stepping into some kind of nasty sea of prejudice and resentment wink , just curious as to how people decide on their favorite toys.

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when i started poi i thought it was all about the fire. I was thinking that "i must get better so i can play with fire". I think that this is a common thought for newbies. Now i hardly ever go for a burn, i sometimes use glow poi but normally its my trusty old socks and sometime my tailed poi.

I enjoy learning new moves and experimenting which is something you can't do with fire. I feel so much achivement when i master a new move and i enjoy that far more that the 'thrill' of a burn. The art of spinning is wayyyy more important to me that the fire


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Posted:Written by: Mr Majestik

at the moment in my town there are a whole flock of n00bs that only seem to spin cause they see people like us with fire and think its cool

THINK its cool ... it IS cool biggrin
i dont know the people in your area but is it not good that more people are picking up poi and learning the art? even if the only reason they pick it up is cos they think it is cool. its only a bit of fun* after all.
*dont take this as offense if you do it professionally cool

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