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Posted:I was watching the news today and this deal came on about a festival in El Salvador with two groups of people throwing fireballs at each other (probably 40 people total). They were all in the middle of a street with tons of spectators around. It looked like some of the guys had pretty good aim since you could see people getting nailed by the fireballs. I guess it has to do with some saint and that they've been doing this for years. They said that nobody's been seriously injured either. Anyone heard of this before?

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Posted:yes I have seen it on real tv ,I have also done this with freinds not too safe but not too dangerous if you ar ecareful.

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Posted:I was born in El Salvador and yeah I remember seeing that. I can't however tell you what saint they are honouring. Considering people there are super religious there are always religious festivals going on.



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Posted:They are honoring St. Geronimo, patron saint of Najapa, El Salvador.
He is said to have gone up into the mountains and confronted Satan, who tried to provoke him by throwing fireballs at him. Another theory said he saved the town from a volcano somehow.

I saw that news story, too. Looks like my kinda fun.



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