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Posted:Hi all smile Firstly, someone emailed my yahoo address a while ago - I'm sorry I haven't replied, but I have a good reason!! I'm not being antisocial - at the beginning of January I collapsed at a friends house and ended up with concussion. I wasn't drinking or anything!! How sad is that??!! I've been back at work for a few weeks, but I've got three weeks of work to catch up on, ew, ick. I have to say I really don't like concussion and it's thrown me how long it took to get my brain back in working order. Yeah, okay there were other factors involved, but I won't go into that.
I don't know if this is the appropriate place, so if it isn't, I apologise in advance...
Things are about to change for me big time. If the last couple of pieces fall into place I'm going to be a full time student and give up my day job (YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so I'm on the hunt for a flatmate and any part time work I can lay my hands upon. Any help would be most appreciated, I've got a couple of fire gigs lined up, but alas, it's not regular income.
Anyway, I hope all is good with everybody smile Welcome to the Year of the Rooster too ubbrollsmile It's gonna be a good one, teehee

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Posted:good to hear things are going so well for you... maybe start an intro thread and put this info in there?
have a smiley day

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