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Posted:Just moved to Sheffield for 2 months and am missing the edinburgh spinners - Hello all!
Is there anyone here?

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Posted:Written by: moskeito

Hello - i'm in sheffield for 2 months and would like to find other spinners, staffers, jugglers.

I'm here for the Polichinelo course which is great so far, but i need stuff to keep me busy at the weekends.

Welcome; and, in reply to your other thread about juggling/spinning stuff in Sheffield, check out: -

Sheffield 'Poi in the Park' thread both in HOPs 'events section' and on (once a month, usuallly a Saturday).

If you're bored on Monday evenings, there's Sheff unis juggling club from 7-9 p.m. at st. Andrews church on Hanover Way (get an A-Z: the church is at the university [that's sheffield university, not Hallam] end of Hanover Way, 50 yards down from where it meets West st/Glossop Rd near the tram stops).

"Polichinelo course" is that the short acro-based course that Luke Burrage did? If so, a few people from it have wound up at Teapots during their stay here.

What's the course like?

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