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Posted:Around one year back (Dec 2003) I met a French poi and staff spinner called Jay (?) in Koh Phangan, Thailand. His spinning was pretty unbelievable and he did some moves that I've never seen anyone else do, like spinning a staff around his neck or on his head for as long as he wanted, and lots of throwing and catching while doing poi. Anyone know who I'm talking about??

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any web pages/videos of him on the internet that I can download...

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Posted:Jay, Jay, sorry doesn't ring a bell

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Posted:nope...sorry! *shrug*

could be cos i've never been to france...and don't really know anyone who has... tongue

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Posted:I know Jay is a good freind of mine



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Posted:Sounds like Jay (Jerome) Latour, (or possiby Jay Maurel who is his mate anyway). Jay is a wonderful poi/staff player and very nice bloke. HE is on COL5, though thats probably a bit old now.
They are both with the group Fire Fantasy:
website here. - though it doesn't have much on it.

Last I heard (a month or so ago) Jay was in Goa.
And Gita...Oh less travelled one! Jay was in Bris 4 years ago with his mate Steff. Same year Rob Firenix and Viv and lots of lovelies were in town. Went up to Earthcore, was at the first Circadia etc. You need to get out more tongue2 hug

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