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Posted:The great debate. Which is better? wink Which is preferred? ubblove Which do you have on right now? ubbloco

Boxers? Briefs? Let the battle begin!!!! ubblol

(And remember, There is such a thing as "too much information", be mindful...)

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What can i say? cotton boxers are god when it comes to menz undergarments

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Posted:I ****love**** boxer briefs on men. But I am such a butt girl and they tend to accentuate that very nicely on most guys.

Lacey over silky for me (so long as it is not rough lacey...can you say chaffe?? eek )

Don't have to match top to bottom as long as they match the clothes (except on important dates). I have them that match but sometimes my laundry days just don't allow that whole matching system. smile

*still humming the Thong Song*

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Posted:short boxers - mmm tight boxers for guys biggrin

As for girls, I like V-strings and briefs, depends on what mood I am in.

Although, I think best for everyone to just shoot the breeze - theres nothing better ubblove

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Posted:i'm all for comando but if it was the choice nice tighty whitey ass hugging boxers wins every time

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Posted:im too much of a wus to go comando, done it once but i was wearing new jeans at the time, not nice! commando is only ok when u are slummin it at home for me!

generaly i wear thongs but i have recently started wearing briefs again afetr my friends have gotten into wedgying people and got me 3 times in quick sucession when i was wearing a thong and i am remembering how comfy briefs are!
guys i dont mind but i do thing boxers look stupid when they ride up to your nipples!

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Posted:if your friends are giving you wedgies, go back to those thongs

thongs = less material to get shoved up your crack when given a wedgie

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