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Posted:Well this is probably more like my introductory thread than anything else.

I'm Calis (and NO I didn't get it out of some random book, I only heard that it was from a book the other day actually eek )

Anyways, I'm 16, from Hobart, Australia (also travel to Melbourne alot).

I've been twirling for almost a year now, with a practice staff, just got myself a wooden-core Concentrate one a few months ago.

I posted a retarted video of me spinning a few days ago, just a shoddy practice one that my mate took (I didn't even know he was filming ubbloco )

Most of my routine is pretty repetative, consisting of alot of behind the back work, some small throws, generally very fast, and a few big, slower throws. I've got the moves I can do down to the stage where they're really really smooth, but now I'm looking to learn some more, only problem being, its really painful learning new moves with a wooden core staff biggrin *rememberes dislocating his finger trying some random, probably impossible trick*.

So, I've watched a few staff vids (the rubber heart duo, burn bros, etc), and I'm realising that the major problem I'm going to have is grip on my staff (wood has a way of giving almost no grip), so sometime soon I'm going to go and get myself a tennis racket grip..which leads me to my first question..would tennis racket grip actually do any good?

Second question: I'm aware that there used to be regular fire meets in Hobart, but apparentally the anal council shut them down. So, are there any new ones that anyone knows of. Also, for any Melbournites around, can you tell me and particularly good fire meets which are around there..and when they are on?

Third question: Where did you guys get your staff(s) from, or are they custom build. If so, what would I need to custom build a staff (I particularly like the look of the ones in 'Soy on everything part II - The revenge of Soy '.

The Fourth and final question: I am currentally using "Firewater" from juggleart, however I haven't tried any other fuel yet, from your own experience, how does this fuel compare to others. Basically I want the longest, and brightest burn I can get. I have no intention of using it for firebreathing so whether it is breathable or not is no concern.

Ok I think I'm done now wink

Peace out, Calis.

Edit: Did I really write all of that?? eek

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Posted:Hello Calis

Welcome to HOP

The quick answer to all of your questions is 'do a search'. Its something you'll her alot but mostly people only say it to you once. Everything your looking for is already here on the boards somewhere. smile if it isnt. Blame the people with the lower member numbers who should have had all this stuff prepared earlier wink

Some things off the top of my head

New moves should not be that painfull (they are sometimes but they shouldnt be wink ). Slow down a little. Aim for more control and flow. In the end it looks much cooler and feels much smoother. No need to spin fast (until you've learned the move that is, then you can knock yourself out).

You'll find loads and loads of new moves on the staff board. Off the top of my head i would say look for threads on Contact, Signature Moves, Throws, Foot Work and Doubles. There is such a selection of new things to try and there is always new directions to move in. right now im into contact staff. its the most addictive i've ever learned.

Do you practise everything on both sides? in both directions? I didnt for about 8 months. Its such a pain now that im learning doubles. Do you spin doubles? Much fun.

Staff making is easy enough and most satysfying. get yourself some grip for the stick anyways. You'll probably have to try out a few before you find one you like. Have a look on the Technical Discussion Board for staff making/constructions threads. There is a few real good ones in there.

Same for Fuel. Loads and Loads of info available. Get digging wink

best of luck

let us know how you go


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Posted:Thanks for the advice biggrin I guess I'd better start searching wink

On second, thoughts, I need something to do in maths tommorow, so I'll save it for then ubblol


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