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Posted:i just have to say i had a kick ass weekend. i saw dj irene friday nite but that sucked. i dont like irene, i dont even know why i was there. then saturday nite i went to a rawkin desert party!! it was super kewl... there where three stages and they where all seperated by a maze of cliffs. it was like a tiny twisting canyon. it was like it was out of a book or a movie. the stars where all out and it wasnt 100 degrees like usual. to top it off they had my 3 favorite locals all spinning at the same time just tradein off for like 3 hours all dnb and jungle. i was feelin it when iwas doin my poi. it was intense.. anyways ... anyone else do anything over the weekend... or have any memorial day stories???

drugs.. rock and roll. bad ass.. vegas hoes.. late night. booty calls.. shiny disco balls!!

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vaperloc...the mighty

vaperloc...the mighty

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Posted:well not as fun as yours but i drank a lot and smoked a lot of dro,umm a big party I think dont really remember most of it.

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