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Posted:i've got a little silly question actually. i just poi'ed for about half an hour and my wrists were cracking all the time. then i tried a overhead/behind the head 3 beat and my shoulders just kept cracking...

it's not the problem that it hurts (me likes pain :P ) but it's still quite uncomfortable and it brings down my accuracy...

anyone got tips on how to stop wrists, shoulders and other body parts from cracking? ('cept for chopping them of smile )

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Posted:All I know is that the crack you hear is the air escaping a joint.

At least, I think I know that. I might be wrong.

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Posted:always warm up before playing.
stretch lots every day.
don't force moves that are as yet beyond your range of movement.
spin slowly to help increase your control.
twist your body where appropriate to give joints greater range of movement.
warm down and stretch if necessary after playing.

my wrists click lots, my shoulders are crunchy and my hip has started cracking frown

none of these things ever cause me pain so i put it down to my physical make-up.

if anything starts hurting other than achy muscles, (even if its just a mild ache around the joints) get it seen to quickly.

cole. x

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Posted:Someone told me that if you use specific body part frequently ie wrists then after awhile they can get really messed up and when your older they are more likely to play you up. I dunno if thats true but i would suggest warming up. I learnt this was pretty important when i started doing clubs.
My wrists crack everytime i rotate them now and my spin grinds and crumples a bit between the shoulders.
If your wrists start aching severley and no matter what you do they wont settle down. (Maybe feels like you need to stretch them all the time but it doesnt do anything) go to a dr they might give you these wrist supports (not like the crappy ones from boots) they are used for peeps with arthritis.


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Posted:My wrists always crack when I rotate them anyway, but I can't be sure if any cracks have been made worse or anything.

Saying that my arms definitely always ache afterwards. But I like it.


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Posted:Depends what sort of poi you're using as well- I like to use tennis ball tailed poi to warm up with -or socks with juggling balls- then move on to the monkey fists after about 20 mins at least- then back to tails (which then feel non-existent) provided you have a good warm up you should be ok...

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Posted:what coleman said,
walm up for 30 minutes and walm down for 30 minutes at the end
Find out how to do it properlly
after a few months you'll find that the clicking gets less
walming up lubricates your joints


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