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Posted:Dont get me wrong i love where i live, but sometimes small towns just crack me up, you see i live in murwillumbah, and we have a BANANA Festival, and a very good friend of mine had to hand in her crown as her regien as banana queen came to an end, and i know Casino (another small town) has beef week and miss beef week, i reckon thats is pretty funny, any other small town funnys out there?

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Posted:Queen Beef?

Surely thats not legal?

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Posted:lol!!! Isn't she lovely, the Queen of Beef!!!

I used to live in a town that has since been swallowed as a suburb of Sydney. They have a rather twee Orange Blossom Festival. They haven't grown oranges there in decades...

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Posted:We have the Dairy Princess for the Dairy Fest in my town and the neighboring towns have the Onion Fest with an Onion Queen and Cabbage Celebration with the Royal Cabbage Court. I think these things get out of hand!

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Posted:i wanna be an onion queen!

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