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Posted:Okay, okay I know that like the nam eof this post, I am in fact beating a dead horse but...


And now I wonder what the crap took me so freaking long...I was going to spin my wickes I pushsed from here, but I didn't have time to cure them and I really wanted to spin. So me and my friends got really invintive...first off, have any of you realsied the super aborbance of bread...it burns nice but will not stay lit...so i grab some old sockes and a few coat hangers and we were in buisness. with in 30 min i was filling the night sky with the brightest most intence falmes i had ever seen, the feeling is soooooo indescribable...and i am now adicted, i spun a total of 8 times tonight and would have spun more but friends had to go home...(sigh)
well to say the least...I will not stop spinning glowsticks or anything else, but fire is now my fav!


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Posted:You tried spinning fire with a bread wick?
That's really cool, I'd never thought to try that one - how did it actually stand up to being spun?

Anyway, congratulations on the first burn, it'll be even better with your bought wicks

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Posted:Congratulations on first burn . Fantastic feeling isn't it!

LOl @ bread wicks, toast anyone?

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