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Posted:Why can't anyone have a good twirl without some jerk saying that it can't be that hard to twirl poi.
i was training out by my school and this little jerk was a like"that is so easy"
during the combo i was trying out. it was a split swing chasing the sun to a weave to a butterfly to a one handed butterfly back to a S.S.C.T.S.
Does anyone ever say that to anyone of you,
or is the kidz today just that stupid.

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Posted:I had a fair number of people say that to me when I was spinning at Reading - most of them were semi drunk and all of them backed down when I offered them a go on my spares, despite losing face in front of their friends.

Luckily, the number of people who thought it was really cool and seemed genuinly interested in having a go and learning a couple of moves was far greater

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.




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Posted:How to deal with kids who are jerks

Are we nearly there yet?


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Posted:we were doing clowing walkabout the other day ad there were thease really snotty kids, kept stealing our props and we couldent do anything cos we were in charcter. we had to rely on other peaple at hte event to sort stuff out for us. Best thing is too ignore them, they only after attention and are jelouse of you for getting more.

I hate kids, but thats the buissness.


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Posted:shoulda let them try unlit.... that wouldve soon shut them up... my neighbours friend (male) said "thats too easy" he starting swinging like there was no tomorow.. tried a basic crossover move and BANG both poi right in the jewels... dropped like a sack of shit crying like a girl

Oh Oh Oh i finally got the hang of 3 beat weave yay for me thanx chicky

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Posted:"So is your mom"

Works for me.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]




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Posted:congrats, Fee! good idea, & if they are good, ya got a good new prodigee friend

NYC. . . (* grin *)

molten cheers,

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Posted:What's with all the slagging off of kids today?!

During Orbital's set at Glastonbury, we met this 11 year old kid doing fire staff. And he was good! Nice kid, very chilled. I think one of his parents was hanging around somewhere, but basically he was just another fire person. Can you imagine how good he will be in 5 years time?

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Posted:Its not all kids Dr Jon. The ones who do practise these arts and those who appreciate them are all fine. its the lil gremlin kids LMAO that have nothin better to do then to annoy youand try to offend. that's about it, a case of the minority giving the majority a bad name.

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