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Forums > Meet Others > Vienna calling! anyone in austria?

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lovable smart-ass
Location: vineyards, Vienna, Austria
Member Since: 16th Oct 2003
Total posts: 785
anyone on here in austria?
lemme know and we can meet up for a spin somehwere....

"is optimism in austria just a lack of information?"
-Alfred Dorfer

World Champ Procrastinator
Location: ||...lost...||
Member Since: 25th Jul 2004
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Posted:hey konsti...

i think its a long shot looking for spinners in wien, man. but hey.. just saw the post and thought id make you happy by replying.. although this isnt what youre waiting for.. hehe.. k, good luck.



Location: wishing to be in Rio
Member Since: 28th Nov 2002
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Posted:oh hey! servas!

hey, i'm prolly coming back to wien again this weekend - twas so much fun last time wink - and no its not a long shot looking for spinners in vienna, they exist, but just dont post enough on HoP!

Loz x

there's nothing quite as fulfilling as a tasty airwrap

if you're full of sh!t, at least you're fertile

"we are all flowers growing in God's garden... and that is why he spreads the sh!t around" - David Byrne

professional loser
Location: Wien
Member Since: 17th Jun 2004
Total posts: 140
Posted:sorry i didn't see your post sooner.... ya there's TONS of spinners here in Vienna... if you're into fire, check this:
otherwise Burggarten / Volksgarten are good places to meet people. you can also probably meet up with FenFire and Co. all over the place, they're always practicing on the go...

or just call me: 0664.440.3604 und ich versuch irgendetwas zu organisieren smile

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Carpal \'Tunnel

Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
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Posted:You need never be alone again Konsti.


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