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Posted:does anyone know where you can buy hookahs shishas and narghiles

in the UK (either shops or web purchase). I have seen them on the net

quote: here but they are from the states and the shipping puts the price up alot .

cheers guys


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Posted:Not to sound cynical, but I thought the definition of a hookah was that it didn't use water. I might be wrong, though. Those actually looked pretty cool, though. Kind of a Hookah/bong hybrid. I bet they would rock to smoke out of. You get the best out of both types of devices.

I have a solid, hand-carved brass real-deal hookah that is 3 1/2 feet tall with 4 cloth hoses that start at the base. The bowl on top could easily fit close to an ounce of, erm, tobacco (cough ) in it. It is made to be smoked on constantly. You pack it, light it, and then 4 people smoke on it as fast or slow as they like. It stays lit, and the entire piece holds the reserve smoke, so almost none is wasted. I would sell you mine (it's mostly a novelty item for me now) and ship it for dirt cheap, but I don't think I could clean it well enough to pass customs.

If I had to make a guess as to where to buy one, I would search antique shops and ethnic markets. They are still popular smoking devices for people of Middle-Eastern descent.

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Posted:Do you guys like, not have head shops? They're pretty ubiquitous 'round here. Try import companies that deal with a lot of indian brass work, alternately, if you have a design and the dough, talk to a laid back glass blower or potter. *shrugs* Wish I could help you more then that. It'll be worth the effort when you finally get it tho *grins*

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Posted:quote:Not to sound cynical, but I thought the definition of a hookah was that it didn't use water. I might be wrong, though ok yes they use water I dont know the definition of the word but I know ummm...tobbaco cough products.
WHATEVER you do doNOT get the half metal half glass ones.This is for your own sake get the all glass ones.I reccomend skyy glass it is 100%handblown kinda pricey but well worth it.
I have a two hose sky glass and there is no other like it,be carefull when you smoke it is easy to hurt your self (cough related).Happy smoking.

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