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Posted:I go first.

Mobile Phone

Four Juggling balls (red green blue yellow)
one acryllic contact juggling ball
Practise set of Fire Poi (i prefer to practise with fire poi similiar to the ones that i use to light)

This is on non working days. On work days i have to leave the fun stuff at home and stick to the first list frown

One more thing... <advice> Love your friends dearly, some people dont realise how important they are or how much they love you back </advice>

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Let's see... Wallet, Phone and Keys are the holy trinity of the modern man... but then that leaves one pocket empty, which is uneven and uncomfortable. So iPod goes in there. all pockets have one item in, everything is good, everything is nice and even.

the whole feeling like you forgot something thing... ugh. Don't talk to me about that!

I would list toys, but this post would turn into an essay, so I'll just add a Heavy Stage Ball, usually carried on my head.

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Posted:Something to cover my private bits, everything else depends on the circumstances...

And even that covering can be left behind (although that's usually leaving a tent/back country hut, not the house - my neighbours are elderly and probaly couldn't handle the shock)


But when in the field I usually take a compass, map and a hat - never venture out without a hat.

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Posted:Keys (preferrably) wink

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink


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Sponge balls

Pack of cards

Other miscellaneous magic bits and pieces

3*Play SilX Juggling balls

3*HoP Bubble juggling balls

6*LED juggling balls

4*80ml Acrylics

1*70ml Acrylic

1 set devil sticks

3*Juggling clubs

Jailhouse sock poi

Homemade sock poi

Fire Poi

Fire Staff (collapsible)


Change of clothes (if working)

Tin of *broccoli* and lighter


Flairing bottle and shaker


juggle weavesmiley

There must be more, but most of it lives in my backpack but comes out and is used on a daily basis.

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Posted:Hmm.. I just carry one bag which I keep stuffing extra stuff into.. I think at the moments it contains: 1 slr camera, 2 other lenses, 2 filters, 6 films, one compact digital camera, 2 sets of poi (one socks, 1 fire), a torch (that doesn't work), minidisc player, 12 minidiscs, 6 cds with photos on, the 2uberoz dvd, one 70ml acrylic contact ball, one suspect practice contact ball, a hairbursh, a diary, set of pencils, paper, binoculars, USB cable, passport, driving license, headband, 20 hair elastics, wallet, phone, and an inordinate amount of random bits of paper, including plane tickets, and probably more..

And some interesting rocks- can't go anywhere without the interesting rocks.


If that's okay with you?


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Posted:Poi for curing boredom, and a lucky charm for.. well, luck

"They say it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile; thus smiling is for pansies" - The Short Gorilla

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Doc Lightning

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Posted:wallet, keys, phone, book, iPod.

With those five things, you can do a lot.

(OK, you can pay for stuff, get back home, stay in touch with friends, entertain yourself when you're bored, and drown out the beggar/preacher/crazy dude on the subway).

-Mike )'(
Certified Mad Doctor and HoP High Priest of Nutella

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Posted:ID's and Money
MP3 player because I am not cool enough to have an IPOD ubblol
Nikon D 50 and all 5 lenses cause you never know whats going to happen on the way to anywhere
A 1965 Poloroid 104 Land Camera (yes it works, yes I can still find film) cool
A 1972 Maimiya medium Format Camera ubblove
Old Canon 35 MM
More Film then you can shake a stick at
Practice Poi weavesmiley
Fire Fans
Contact Juggling ball juggle
DVD on Contact juggling
DVD on Belly Dancing
Book on Grace O'malley
Smokes and Coffee

And yes when I leave the house in the Morning it DOES look like I am moving out smile ubblol ubbrollsmile

Don't hate me because I am different, hate me because I still think I am better then you!


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My wallet, keys, mobile, smokes and lighters (multiple).

Most of the time (but not all the time) :-
sock poi, pad, pen, hair ties, MP3, a deck of card and my magic horse shoes (its a very nasty little puzzle)

I have several pairs of trousers that have upward of 6 pockets maxing out at 10 so it is possible for me to cary most of these items at any one time.

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Wallet, keys, cell phone, a Zippo, smokes, clothes.

Most days but not always:
Tin of *broccoli* (lol point_blank)
extra jacket
bottle of water

Netflix im returning
Multiple bottles of water


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Posted:lets see on a school day, rolling bookbag with huge and overly expensive text books,note books, pens, pencils, highlighters ect, compact stapler, tape;duct and scotch, day planner, sock poi, phone, keys, water (i live in the desert), gloves, wallet, brush, hair ties...(girly products) dang.... to much crap....
non school days.... keys, water, wallet, phone, poi.... i like days off much better
omg i forgot homework...... sheesh....
old age... it will get ya every time lol

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fake teeth and glue
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fake teeth and glue

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Posted:is it me or this this a: see if HOPers have anything worth stealing when they are out thread? well here goes, i would happily leave the house with nothing at all but for decencys sake:

clothes (not over exited about them they just seem to be the norm)

shoes (if going further afield)

phone (if i feel like talking)

keys (to get back in)

penknife (to hack at things and such)

thats about it, all of these things i would feel perfectly comfortable not having it's just more convenient with them, a naked man banging on the door front door of his house when no one is in doesn't bode well for my reputation. biggrin

you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

knowledge is power, power corupts, study hard, become evil.


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Posted:Going to the toilet.

Turning off the central heating, and anything that uses electricity.

A good reason.

Knowing where I'm going.


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