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Hello Dahlings

We've had Nickname threads and username threads, what I'd luv to know now, is what names your parents had for you as children (or, as in my case, still use).

I have a few, but I'll save them for a while coz they're fuking abominable.


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Star is my birth name so I was called that before I was adopted.

Then my name was changed and I couldn't pronounce the "L" so I would say my name "Winnie" instead of "Lynnie" which lead to the obligatory nickname...."POOH". My dad called me that until I was 11, then the nickname changed to "UGLY" (yes, he introduced me to people as that; "This is my daughter Ugly").

My Grandpa used to call me Rastus or Skeezer (before it was an insult). Neither of which had any profound history.

My son is nicknamed "Bubba" for no real reason, and "Odie" because he used to drool and slobber like the Garfield dog!

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DFQ>>does the word poo just fit with lindsay or something cause my parents called me lindsaypoo all the time

Oh man I have so many...I guess it's the benefit (or do i mean drawback) of being an only child:

1. Lulu
2. Lularamma
3. Lulaclarepie
4. Lulabelle
5. Dog breath
6. Uglypuss
7. Puppy
8. Ears - *shrugs* parents are strange!
9. Fathead>>nah they didn't call me that but I think it's funny.

Haha Davey Wavey...I'm so calling you that fieryflow

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My best mates little baby son has the following nicknames:

Apollo Mission (we figure with those sort of eruptions from the rear end one day he will launch himself into space )
Theophilus thistler (he has an orange track suit)
The Squirm Worm of Quirm

I am also spending quality time teaching him to stick his tongue out

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

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I too was called Dog Breath by my mother....

...I noticed you spell your name as I do (which is rare for female Linzeee's (tell me u R female )... Were you ever called Linds-o-rama?

We're also born in the same year... ...spooky!



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SunSpot is definitely female, and just as cute as you DFQ.

Davy Wavy worked better when my hair was shoulder length and it was wavy, but hey, who am I to tell you its wrong

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ahh, the names parents call you....i've had so many (different parents that is, lol)
my mother always called me "LisaLu" that was god aweful, till i grew up...then it was "she who gives me gray hairs" my dad always called me as little as possible, once-twice a, just kidding....he calls me either "Pinky Tuscadero" or "the leader"<---there's a story behind that one....but i'll save it for later, lol.

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Star? that's brilliant?

ok, Mic. . . er, Mike, my parents (any of them) never called me Mike, & i liked the sound of Michael, so i had to get used to that of my own social/biz choice once upon a time, but did, and now very happy with it.

SmallBoy, my biodad called me "mouse" as a young kid, and gave little white mice to much-younger sibs & called them "Mrs. Poppy Eyebright" & stuff.

stepdad to whom i'm really indebted in who i became so far, called me PITA, and as i told someone in her intro thread who also listed herself as PITA, had great glee in introducing me that way, especially among Brits & Southeast Africans in Zim, then asking if they knew what it meant. y'all know?

molten cheers,

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Please do tell Mr Mike

and SunSpot , if you cum abouve


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Okay, most of these seem pretty normal; names with poo stuck on the end and such-like, I never have found out or understood why my dad called me Soldier when I was a kid!!!
They also used to call me: Squeeker, Rikki, Soldat (French for soldier) and Rascal.

My ex used to call me Sos which was short for Sausage, she even brought me a Zippo once with Sausage engraved into the lid!!!!!

I usualy got called by my last name at school, either that or some other equaly unoriginal and condescending nickname that the witty school bully had labeled me with for the week

Now I'm commonly know amongst my friends as Ninja-boy, Ninja-Rich or Richey Bad-boy dum-de-dum, I have no idea why and it's a bit of a mouthfull so the dum-de-dum is often missed off, although two of my mates (they're brothers) still answer the phone like that when I call them!!! Looniz!!!!!

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My dad calls me smiley. My brother used to call me pinky when he was little, I never worked out why, cos Kim (my name) seems like it would be a pretty easy word to learn

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I was Christened Angela....which I hate! My dad called me this when I was In Trouble!!!

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Slogger....cos I was shithot at rounders!
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Smudger (somehow this comes from my sirname Smith !?!)
sexy sausage

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*Blushes* Davey Wavey ur sooooooooo sweet!

DFQ>>>WEIRD...yup I was called linds-o-rama too. and yes I most definetly am a girl
Yeah I don't happen upon very many people who spell it with an A either....and we're the same age?! Wow this is a little freaky.....wait don't tell me>>Do you like Fluffanella too?

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I had several - again being an only child gives your parents far too much time on their hands.

My full name is Alison Jane Hobro so I get:

Allie (Rather obvious and everyone uses it even my teachers at school and now even my landlord)
Ali and Ally for those who cant spell
Lissy (from my parents - and even more worryingly lissybobbles as well)
Smally Allie (cuz where I come from in the midlands that rhymes)
Hobnob (because of my surname)
alliebananabrain (cuz I was quite bright at primary school and had a yellow jacket at the time)

and the one I like but no-one uses (so I wouldnt know they meant me if they used it) is Alix which is what my mum wanted my nickname to be when I was little!

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