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funky_hatseating apples with chopsticks can be rather difficult
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Does anyone know or have any ideas about clothing made from ties sewed together?? In particular a skirt, but ive also thought of a shoulder bag, a hat, and even a top!! ubbidea
Ive recently bought a huge collection of some great ties at an op-shop (20 cents each!!!!) and now im wondering what to do with them!!! ive seen one tie-skirt before, but i have hardly any idea how to make it.. confused
all ideas are welcome here... biggrin

SkulduggeryGOLD Member
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I would suggest for things like a shirt that firstly you sew all the ties together to make as large a flat piece of continual fabric as possible then put a shirt pattern on it and cut it out. Follow the instructions that come with the shirt patern for making it up.

For a skirt you could sew the ties into a waistband leaving them lose all the way down. If you want you can make a liner so that when you walk you have at least some of you covered. It would end up looking very 1920's I think.

Its hard to do this in type..... maybe I'll have to draw some sketches of what I mean.

I think its a great idea though! Making new clothes out of old unwanted ones is always great.

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funky_hatseating apples with chopsticks can be rather difficult
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Location: Perth, Western Australia

hey yeah thats cool.. the lining idea is good but might get a bit hot over here as the ties are allready quite thick. i was thinking too, the backs of the ties are folded over to i could un-pick them if i wanted to for more fabric, but it would loose most of that tie shape if i did that.. confused ill keep thinking about it.. smile

PyroWillGOLD Member
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I wish I could make clothes frown this girl came into work the other ady wearing these jeans she had made herself basically out of about 4 other jeans and it looked so cool with so many different patches of blue from the different fabrics, i want some frown

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JauntyJamesSILVER Member
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i've been meaning to make a set of tie-poi for a while. it would work really well, a tenis ball fits perfectly in the end when its folded over


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tie trousers! that would be crazy...

or for the tie bag/hat i think you should put wire in or something so you can bend them weird shapes and then have a hat with a brim that's made of ties that defy all logic and gravity....

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TrillianBRONZE Member
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ubblolubblolubblolubblolI just got finished making a tie skirt! After my grandfather died we had to clean out his apartment, and found loads of ties (including one that says "bullsh!t" all over it!), so I decided to make a skirt. I unpicked the folded-over part in the back, and then put them back-to-back and sewed along the creases (so they still kept the shape, but It gave me a place to sew), then trimmed the extra fabric on the inside. For the waist I made a drawstring out of a piece of ribbon. I love how the linings along the bottoms of the ties turned into little pockets along the bottom of the skirt!
Hope that helps, I can try to get a picture to post if you want. Good luck!

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funky_hatseating apples with chopsticks can be rather difficult
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Location: Perth, Western Australia

yay!! biggrin hmm i didnt think of unpicking the backs.. then you could make the trimmed-off bit into something else again! ubbidea and as for the wire hat.. you could put a string of wire in each tie and twist it round... i wonder how tall you could make it?! *jumps out of chair and runs to get a piece of paper to scribble stuff on*

FlyntSILVER Member
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I made a pair of wicked flairs from an old pair of jeans and a bunch of ties smile

sadly, after two years of wear, my ties were getting all raggedy, so I pulled them out tonight, and will be putting in panels of brown corderouy tomorrow...

Pretty easy to do, just cut panels up to the knee, I also cut along the seams so I had six tie inserts per leg, you only need to use half the tie! and if you leave the triangle bits on the bottom, people will recognise them for the tie jeanius they are wink (sorry, my posts usually come without bad puns, but its late...)

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VampyricAcidSILVER Member
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thats my idea for a skirt template smile no unpicking needed, just sew em together like that, might have to try this myself, even though im a guy, i could give it to someone as a present, and it sounds like a challenge!!!

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FoxInDocsSILVER Member
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Posted: <---go there and run a search for ties...

I'm almost as addicted to craftster as I am to HoP and i've seen some awsome stuff on there made from ties...

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alien_oddityCarpal \'Tunnel
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i've only ever seen jackets made from lots and lots of ties sewn to a jacket.......where did i see this????


but it still looked pretty cool

MiGGOLD Member
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not sure if she's still around, but kmbkitten (i think) made a tie skirt...

could try pming her about it?

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JauntyJamesSILVER Member
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Non-Https Image Link

^vampyricacid's pic


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ilsanyamanic over a fence
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i just finished a tie skirt- its dead sexy!!
i love horrendous op-shop ties!

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You've finnished it? That flipping rocks! biggrin ubbrollsmile biggrin cool smile biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin ubbtickled biggrin cool biggrin hug
I'm definately making some of those bell bottoms, and I'm gonna cover some jeans that are wearing out at the moment in ties too now I've been inspired, and maybe break up some coathangers and amke a bowler ou t of ties, i was laready thinking of making some sleeves of ties and sewing them to the armholes of a waistcoat. Plain one I think, and covering regular sleeves with them too. Tie clothing rocks muchly hard. I've already done a single tie headband a few times. wink
Braces, that's it. I was planning to make half a pair out of a blue tie a few months ago to go with a translucent orange strap with big eyelets I made from a belt and some braces with hand buckles that are too small but cos the orange thing dosen't work all that well I might take the elastic and grips back to make two sides of the pair out of ties. #Sighs happily# DIY and new clothes from old are wonderful, no?

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In secondary school there was a boy with absoluty awesome tie trousers. It looked very straightorward, all narrow at the top and then wider at the bottom, just as if the ties were just... magicked together. I don't know anything about sewing tho, so i'm no use....

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funky_hatseating apples with chopsticks can be rather difficult
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Location: Perth, Western Australia

wow cool, i havent been on hop for a few months, im glad more ppl have writtern stuff, im definatelly inspired again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
biggrin biggrin biggrin
ive got a whole heap of ties, im still collecting different and cool ties from opshops but i still havent done anything with them!!!
im really liking the pants idea at the moment, perhaps ill do that too...

squarexbearSILVER Member
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mmm tie bags..
i also saw an idea in a student fashion show a couple of years ago - an empire line dress with ties as the skirt (sewed from the empire line). also one with tape measures, but tape measures are my thing and once i've bought enough in funky colours i'll have a tape measure dress, muhaha

PhaerieBRONZE Member
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yeah i made a couple of tie skirts a few years ago, both were short skirts kinda like little pixie skirts. one of them was made from all red coloured ties, and i cut all the ties in half and alternated a fat end and a skinny end so the bottom was all uneven and jagged. then the other i just used the fat ends, i loved my tie skirts, so easy to make too! i was really lazy and just lay the ties next to eachother and zigzagged them together worked really well and so easy!
sadly i am no longer in possession of either skirt anymore frown but they really are wonderful!

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tie clothing sounds fantastic - i so wish i cud make stuff like that. but my hand sewing is attrocious and i dont have a sewing machine. Once i tried to make a brown suede-y skirt for a doormouse costume for an alice in wonderland picnic but half way thru the evening the sewing just fell apart! luckily i was wearing opaque tights and i was at a friends house so cud borrow a skirt. but yeh am totally in awe of all ur sewingness. i'll never look at a tie in the same way again.

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