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Posted:They have the dance gymnastic events wil couples and the singles with the ball/ribbon/hoop. They have or are going to have ball room dancing. Thay have synchronized swimming for god's sake..I think it should be an extension of the Tae Kwon Do competition. Make it a weapons event, like in most Martial Arts tournaments.That would be off the hook! rightdrew------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown

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Posted:we were gonna do it but after getting lots of pissed off comments that this is not the spirit of the fire community we are reconsidering it...what ya think?




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Posted:I think we should take the artistics out of it for the Olympics and make it a speed contest. Different swing-weights and lengths. After all, as some twirler once said, all anybody wants to see is the weave real fast anyway.
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Posted:I don't have anything against it being in either the olympics or the Pyrolympics. It is just that I don't think it would be the same thing. The Circle of Light competitions show that winners may be selected, but I don't think there could be an even scoring system.Also many people who don't twirl competitively would not enter and so the field would not necessarily represent "the best of the best".

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Posted:i know ive come in a bit late...but still all we do here can be classed as redefining an existing art... Poi were weapons and were used in a particular style, but sometimes ones which could be lit on fire were used for such sneaky enterprises as burning your neighbours pa down, or distracting people form what they should be doing (e.g., looking out for roaming war parties coming from the other direction).but then again, there are planty examples of things being lit on fire and swung round, ninjas for example had similar things for similar effects....if it were to be a sport id be stumped, where do you start being able to judge, i mean if one *had* to do 3 or 5 beat weaves (for example) i'd lose without a doubt, cause i cant do that with two one handed butterflies, yet back in the days thats how they were most efficiently used for the task they were designed for.perhaps in preparation for our eventual world domination as enlightened spiritual beings bringing peace, fire and training bruises to the rest of the world we could put down some categories, time limits, music limits, costume limits (dont give up your leather pele) and see if we cant come to some sort of a general consensus?anyway i thought of a few categories.....obviously sex (thats the way it goes in the olympics)firemeteorglostickwhat else?should all competitors use standard equipment to ensure similar performance and burntime?any ideas?how could we judge technique? (what is considered good technique around here anyway?)it could be quite handy to know about that technique bit, how important are the feet? to some very, to others not really....see i'd run into difficulties when trying to standardise this sort of stuff, cause were such a raggamuffin bunch of individuals who are in it for a hoot, not a medal
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it could be quite cool to see more people get into it, ive done it for 6 years now and its really caught on in that time, and if it makes me as happy as it does (and it does) then the fact others are clicking on to it means that in a small way we're helping to increase the peace......and in todays world thats pretty cool!!!!



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Posted:I agree with Whiffle Squeek, whether or not it should be in the Olympics, I think it would be neat to see it somewhere on TV, or somewhere public, so that more people could see and get into it.

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