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Posted:While traveling abroad this summer (and having the time of my life!) it hit me that every country I went to had different names for different fuels, different stores and different logistical problems/advantages for fire twirling (after searching through Paris for a store I couldn't find and a fuel I couldn't spell ). Perhaps if we all stuck our heads together we could make a thread for our own city for others to use as a resource... As I always say: "A local is worth a thousand guidebooks"

Feel free to add any other topics I forgot. And maybe I'll have to bump this thread up before next summer.

For example... My input would be:

New York City (Lower Manhattan)

KMart: 8th street and 4th Avenue ("Lamp oil"-by lamps, "White gas"-in camping section)

Also some other local "Hardware stores"

Washington Square Park, Union Square.

I never heard of a problem or arrest in a public park but have been shut down by the police in Union Square. I've also heard of people spinning in Central Park but that's a bit uptown and perhaps dangerously large at night. Technically it is illegal and sometimes the police will let you know that.

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Posted:City: London, England (and England in general)

Place to get fuel and fuel names: A lot of 24hr garage shops (petrol stations) sell it, so do hardware shops and caravan shops.

Where to burn: In London: Blackheath SE, Clapham Common SW, London Fields E8, Hampstead Heath N, most parks/festivals.

Logistics: There's seems to be no law against spinning fire (yet) in England if you're not busking or teaching.

Other London/UK twirlers please add to this post

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Posted:LOCATION: Colchester, Essex, UK

PLACES TO BUY FUEL/FUEL NAMES: Paraffin from either Homebase, or Esso if you have no morals. Bout 1 quid a litre at both places

Castle Park, shuts at 9pm but the warden doesn't mind locking us in, easy to climb fence opposite bus station.
Priory Ruins, same as above but with a really easy to climb gate.
Various other parks, but they all the nice ones shut at night

LOGISTICS: Never been stopped and told off spinning in town, had a bucket of water thrown once thou . Someone called the police on me once whilst spinning without fire at 2am on my front lawn, but the police didn't mind when they saw me cause i told them it was just like ti-chi


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wan hwo ren

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Posted:Location: Taipei, Taiwan

PLACES TO BUY FUEL/FUEL NAMES: Kerosene (May Yo in Chinese) at any gas station

PLACES TO SPIN: Seems to be okay in most parks. Beaches are great of course. Orange Cafe near Shi Lin MRT has a fire show on Fridays with lots of friendly spinners.

LOGISTICS: never really had a problem anywhere




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Posted:Canada: Kamloops, BC

Lamp Oil: ____________________________ Paraffin
Colman Camp Fuel: ____________________ Naptha (white gas)
Kerosene: ____________________________ pretty self explanitory
Burner fuel (the fonue type burners): _______ Methalated Spirits
Torch Oil/Fuel: ________________________ Cittronella Oil

Where to Buy:
Wal-Mart: Everything but the Kero (volumes ranging from .5 L to 2.5 L)
Save On Foods: Paraffin, Naptha, Methalated Spirits, Cittronella (volumes ranging from .8 L to 1.5 L)
Zellars: Naptha, Cittronella (volumes ranging from .5 L to 2.5 L)
Surplus Herby's: Everything (volumes ranging from .5 L to 10 L and i think if you ask they have 5 gallon

drums avalible)

Where to spin:
The best place is River Side Park, but you can spin pretty much anywhere. Just don't think about fire unless it's friday night (between 2100-0100 [9 PM-1 AM]) at the River Side Park band shell. Thats when we have the permit for, it's also when the druming circle is there. If you light up any other time prepare to have the RCMP (Cops) breathing down your neck.

Also at raves and like events, Canada Day Celabrations (at river side park) etc...
I believe fire is allowed at Canada Day and at the Utopia Festival (July 25-27 2003) but I will be calling to make sure of that for Utopia. I'll post and let you know. One of the prodution companies ( puting it on is owned by a fire spinner so I don't see why not.

AS stated above the cops are very cranky about fire unless it's on friday night at the River Side Park band shell. And even then they start to get cranky after a while, all though that may have more to due with all the stupid drinking teenagers it attracts. We have couple rules: If you've never spun you can't spin fire. We have broom sticks for dry spining. If you appear to be intoxicated then you can't spin fire. And if you're just making a general arse of your self or runining the vibes in any way you'll get tosed out on your ear.
But just spining (Tenis ball, Glo-Stick, Flag, etc..) is fine anywhere.

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Posted:Location: Germany

Fuel: you can find Coleman's in lil plastic bottles for about 4 $ in Camping and Sport Stores

Places to spin:
up the hill
there's lots of parks and paved pedestrian areas, festivals in every town
don't know about the laws yet but generally the german police seems to be quite a bit more relaxed and less arrest friendly than in other parts

other: haven't met any other firespinners here yet
bit of odd info: just heard about a festival called "firedance" and no, no firedancers there , seems to be a music fest staged in an old castle ruin



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