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Posted:Last night I lit up for the first time..

I found it to be an incredibly zen-like experience that I wasn't quite expecting.. I have been performing improvised music for quite a while, so I know how it feels to focus and shut out the outside world, but occasionally I would get distracted, bored, or whatever..
Fire poi left no room for distraction.. All I could think about was the amazing sound, the flames, and my movements..

I am wondering if anyone has had any experiences while spinning that they consider supernatural or otherwordly.. it seems highly possible..

I also want to thank Pele for that incredibly post that sent shivers down my spine and the folks in Arizona who have helped me out and welcomed me into this community..


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Posted:I just spun fire for the first time on sunday. It was wonderful! I really enjoyed myself. I was a little nervous, there were lots of people watching me. It was really empowering and today i made myself some chains of my own. weeeeeeeeee

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Posted:woosh, woosh woosh ... what a beautiful sound

glad you enjoyed yourself, enjoy, dance and be safe

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Posted:I can still remember the first time i lit my staff, i was really excited cause i only made it a few days before and i can still see the flames leaping up and around the wicks

Fire is such a magical element, its like water in a way, it flows and has currents, its wonderfull stuff!!!

The sound is what captivated me the most, I was having a spin one night and one of my mates was filming me with a video camera, the camera has a special "night shot" function on it so the picture's all greeny when you look at it, anyway, the combination of the green pic and the wooshing sound was overwhelming!!!

Im taking my staff to Minehead in Nov and im gonna spin some fire on the beach at night, should be brill!!!

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Posted:I still remember the adreneline from my first burn two years ago! I still get all twitchy inside when someone I taught light up for their first. Some sort of contact high I guess - I love it though.


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Posted:ahhh I can't wait,but I wil have to,I dont think I am comfortable enuff with my strings to do it safely.
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