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Hyperloops suck

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floppy and sloppy as a wet noodle, no music to spin to, but hey, who's complaining? constructive criticism PLEASE, you won't hurt my feelings, I want to get better.

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VERY nice vid, and I don't think you need to improve anything you did in the vid... the isolations and stalls were really cool... I LOVED the wrap combos... I need to learn that hand/leg combo quickly...

work on your flow a bit... but, it may be the fact that you didn't have music...

anyway keep it up... you gave me some stuff to practice on...


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Posted:Oooooh, very nice glowsticky style wrap things biggrin I like...

Those throws - are the poi spinning in the air? They kind of look like they're not spinning at all...

Criticism-wise: your in-time stuff at the start and again a little later on is a bit sloppy. You also seem to do some things with your right but not with your left (the throws, for example), and it'd be nicer if you could learn it with the other hand too.

Top notch video though, most impressive biggrin

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Posted:Very nice. Big improvement from the last vid I saw of yours, Thrice Final. Twas quite a while ago!

Anyway, you got really smoothe, a good bit of variety in there and the quality of the vid itself is ace. Two things Ill mention that could use a bit of improvement:

The stalls (and in particular, the stall kicks) get a bit repetative. Perhaps learn some other neat things to do with stalls, put them other places, do them with your left hand also (as I believe you did em all with your right throughout the vid).

Throws could also use some work. I dont really know what kind of poi setup you have so I cant be speciffic but the poi seemed to go too straight up. You wanna get more of an arc on them if possible. Weighted handles help with this if you dont already have them.

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Hyperloops suck

Member Since: 10th Jul 2003
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Posted:Thanks a lot guys... yeah, I tend to lack variety in my throws and stalls. That footage is a few months old and since then I've learned a few new things, but still, lacking variety. Any suggestions on the stalls? I know where I need to go with my throws, what I need to learn, but my stalls I'm pretty much stuck. The only things I can really do with them is stall and kick, stall and just kinda start, stall and grab the poi head and throw it (up, down, left, right) or stall and hit it with my other arm to start it's rotation. I'm sure there's tons I can do (Been working with fun stuff like stalling it, kicking it in to a throw which was on the video), but... inspire me!

Written by:
Those throws - are the poi spinning in the air? They kind of look like they're not spinning at all...

I have no weighting on my handles, they're pretty much the standard HOP setup - 13 gauge ballchain, double nylon finger loops. Since there's no weight on the handles, the poi go straight up and straight down, like a full isolation (poi head = center of rotation). The other tricky part is that once I do a throw, I can't put my handles back on my fingers, so I'm just holding on to the outside of the metal/fingerloops. Sketchy.

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Posted:sweet, very fast and cool combos, i share your ability to throw lol its always fun, i like to do those kicks too

very cool, one to watch definately
keep up the good work

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Hyperloops suck

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Posted:New link posted, yousendit.com has a 7 day limit smile


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Posted:i agree with (whoever) who said work on both sides, after the 4th kick fron the left side i was kind of getting bored ;]

but otherwise,it's a superb set. great flow.

i was looking at every move you pulled, and thinking that even tho i can pull them, i can't transition them nearly as smooth as you did. the whole video felt that way. nice job

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Posted:Cool vid Mill! I like most of you stuff and ditto to most comments, mix it up a little, work on both sides more and all that jazz.

The only thing I'd add, from a personal perspective, is slow down, my fave section was deffinately the last 40 seconds or so. Your transitions are really nice and smooth and the slowness made them much smoother and flowyer (yes it's a word, I made it up myself ubbangel)

You upwards vertical stalls were really nice too.

If you want more ideas for stalls just watch some more vids, there's thousands of variations and links out there.

Can't wait to see more smile

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