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greetings and big smiles to

i've maybe got a visitor from the European Juggling Convention- coming to stay for a few days -who really wants to check out the Edinburgh festival

can we come up and see you lot... in your element during fringe'ness ?

all hands open to spraying things silvery
( thanks for the tip Kali )

The European Juggling Convention was majikal
so much good energy

Also possibly i could bring up the HomeOfPoi firekit for you lot to use for the last part of the festie - then add some Scottish burns to the wick

hope all is well your end
is puck around ? - i guess Rob is probably still away see'ing his love

good swirling orange energies all - and hope to see you this weekend maybe ? ?

group hug - er.. put the fire kit down first tho'

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Posted:Hey there!

Okay, I know I'm clearly in some sort of housekeeping mode, and I really don't want to come across as mean and nasty, but could you please try to keep personally-directed posts to a minimum? We have email and PM's for this sort of stuff.

Sounds like you having a great time in my homeland anyway!

Thanks, and sorry for me slipping back into moderator mode.

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