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Forums > Social Chat > Which is the poi city there in USA?

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Posted:I was wondering cause i would like to go and VISIT that city
where there poi performers festivals, and all the shit and clubs that they let ya poi!!!

Im planning to do my master there in 2 years and ummmmmmmmmmm i was asking cause i gotta ask my dad and beg if is necesary to let me go there LMAO.

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Posted:I'm not a specialist on USA fire / poi but from what little I know I'd say seattle , Austin / Houston, LA, Boston / NYC are some of the places with great fire scenes...

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Adonde has estado amigo... No te he visto recientemente...

Que se jodan los estados vente para Europa! Mucho mejor aqui amor...

Hasta luego...


Raymund Phule (Fireproof)
Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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I have never had more fun than spinnin with the SoCal group.

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vaperloc...the mighty
vaperloc...the mighty

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Posted:I'm texan so I have to say austin fur shur at least here in tx.burning man in nevada would be much more saturated with us but only for two weeks.

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Posted:I think San Diego and Austin Texas are the two biggest USA groups.

Location: panama
Member Since: 23rd Jul 2001
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Posted:Drome i WISH i could go to europe! but its too expensives... my parents woulndt let me....
The only place i would go would be USA... :/
thats why im asking.

I WISH i could go to Europe!!!!

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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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I understood every word of your post, you know. I'd be pissed off...except for the fact that you're absolutely right.

In the U.S. you see a lot of spinning in the northeast, especually in and around NYC.

However, the biggest poi city by far is San Francisco and surroundings. After all, Burning Man is based in San Francisco when it's not in Black Rock City.

That said, almost anywhere on the West Coast you'll find spinners. San Diego, Los Angeles, and Seattle have a lot, too.

-Mike )'(
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