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Posted:Quite simple in theory and quite a challenge in practice biggrin

Forward Onehanded 2 beat weave (right hand) - now switch to a onehanded XXXXXXXX: the thumbpoi staying on the left side the pinkypoi staying on the right side ubbidea
If it is too difficult in the beginning try this: Corkscrew right hand. The Thumbpoi stays above the head and the pinkypoi circles below... twist the plane and you have a onehanded XXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXX: Arashi how do you call these? wink

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Posted:ooooh good idea! smile I'm gonna try this later. I might try it with meteor for extra length......

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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one handed? ummm, I need 2 hands to make my magic happen, if ya know what i'm sayin... cuzza my long chain wink

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Posted:OK I add one more. I call it Negative hat and its:
horizontal hyperloop
goes between your connected arms
over the head smile

light, :R



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Posted:It's kind of like a onehanded buzzsaw, right?

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