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Is it humanly possible in poi to impress your friends after three weeks of practising from scratch? I want some simple yet effective move ideas that I can learn fairly quickly. Thankyou hunni bunni spinni winnies! angel

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Posted:Hmm, I can get a shoulder wrap with the tails no prob. I can get a leg wrap from a butterfly, but sometimes the lower poi catches on it's own string and won't release. not a problem with the tail though...

As far as I understand it, I have the basic buzzsaw down, but my planes arent' straight yet. I can get out of it no prob, but because I have to shorten the chain by quite a bit, I don't know how to get into it. Same with the corkscrew... I tend to do a single hand wrap to shorten the length before I can corkscrew. of course, my corkscrew goes in alternating directions, and the one in the video goes in the same direction... oh well

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Posted:Sounds like we're about at the same level, so if it's any use, I just learned a couple of new things with buzzsaw. If you take a short chain butterfly, you can pivot to one side and turn it into a sort of dragonfly buzzsaw (each poi going opposite direction), or from a really tight corkscrew, with your hands just about touching (we call it chasing the wrists, don't know if that's official), you can stop in the middle so that you're in a horizontal buzzsaw. Then turn it upright. Don't know if that will work with tails.....I dont use tails, cuz they're too hard.

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Posted:More chuffed than i was yesterday biggrin just did a 3 beat weave.. whoo lol.

Anyone got any tips for that one handed butterfly?? still cant quite crack it...*frustrated*

im a gemini..go figure

linden rathen
linden rathen

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Posted:go dink smile - one handed butterfly i think you just gotta keep practising and sort out your hand position - i can still only do it for a few beats but nm

thanks munkypunks and drake - will go try those now smile

*grin* now just gotta crack the btb weave - nto finding it too hard tho which is cool


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