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Anyone going this year? I've not been before but i've read all the stuff on the website and it looks great! Anyone whos been before, is it great? I'm torn between going to this or the Big Green Gathering as i think they fall on the same weekend.

So, is it good? and are you going??


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Posted:Not unless I invent a time machine.

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Posted:Duncan, Get to it!!


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Posted:tis a pretty good festy...i worked it past couple of yrs its nae bad i have to say! bit of a middle england feel to it, lotsa peeps with families which is really nice.....kinda split into two camps- peeps who go to bed reaasonable earlyish (when the bands finish) and then there are the wreckhead festivalheads..... wink good festy, i recomnmend! Big Green is also amaaazing tho!! tough on innit! love.