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Posted:Okay I work for the all mighty tescos, who in their normal cheerfull personality promoting mood have banned any decently cool hairstyles and all piercings! This means I cant do my fancy idea with my hair. (VHS tape braided in, rather like wool wraps if anyone knows what I'm on about) I have tons of tape and I wanna know the chances on a scale of one to ten of me being fired...

These are the people that fliped because I wanted my eyebrow done....

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Posted:I'm not sure what VHS tape is....but I say your chances are about 7/10. Depends how well you get along with staff, how laid back they are, how long you've been working there.

I also have no idea who/what tescos are.

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Posted:Give it a shot...

at least if its your hair there are ways to tie it up, cover it up...

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Posted:Feck Tesco, just do it, if they sack you or owt just quote the human rights act and say that they are discriminating against you because of the way you choose to dress...

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Posted:also depends on whether you are permanent or casual. I say do it anyway, get a job somewhere less fascist if they fire you, which is likely if they just brought in this new rule, cos they might think that it's purposefully rebelling/ testing the boundaries, which they might think isn't what they want from their staff. Geez that was a long sentence! um, so do it if you want to.


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Posted:Just say its your religion or something, but having worked for a supermarket chain before (waitrose) they can be strict, and if they get funny about piercings i can assure you they def wont like it, and your chances of being fired are more like9 or 10 out of 10

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Posted:Do it on a day when they really need you to work, then they're up the creek without a paddle.... wow I didn't swear.....

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Posted:Many supermarkets here make the staff tape the eyebrow piercings. Not really sure of the logic there.

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Depending on if the tape was over a pretty standard plait or if the whole style is non standard would affect your job chances.
I feel the employer has a right to dress codes. Staff attire affects customers attitude and they arent there other than to make a buck. If customers are intimidated by oddly dressed (in the customers eyes) people thats the bosses big problem as its losing money. These shops need staff that are approachable to the customers as well as recognisably staff. Someone might have a fabulous manner with people but its no help if 50% custaomers wont talk to them.
Find a senior with the organisation and talk to them about it.

..and post VHS taped hair pictures in your gallery. wink

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