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Forums > Other Toys > what in smeg's name is this thing called?

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Location: Thornbury, Victoria
Member Since: 28th Oct 2004
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Posted:heya cool

i've just made some new toys and i have no idea what they're called .. they're similar to meteors but have a handle in the middle .. similar to staff, but between the handle and the wick is chain .. similar to poi but there's 2 wicks

- __------chain--------------------------chain---------__

please excuse the ascii art

twirling style seems to lend from both staff and poi techniques, tho people who do staff have an easier time picking these things up.

I'm wondering if there IS a name for these things (i twirl doubles) and if there isn't, then i rekon a good name for them would be "morningstars" (koz i like the sound) or "bastards" (a very good description of the nature of the beasts)

i guess i might have to look up some medieval weaponry sites biggrin



Miss Whippy
Location: Cornwall & Oxford
Member Since: 3rd Jun 2003
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Posted:that would be a meteorite. Firetoys sell them smile They're easier to get the hang off than meteors and are a good step towards learning them. Hence the name 'meteorite' biggrin

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That guy from Reno
Location: Reno, Nevada USA
Member Since: 3rd Sep 2003
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Posted:We called the one we made a Bastard staff. A fitting name because it would try to kill you. smile

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Location: Melbourne
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Posted:This instrument has also been called a

Meteor hammer


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Posted:please perform a HoP search on double ended flails biggrin
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Location: Thornbury, Victoria
Member Since: 28th Oct 2004
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Posted:meteorites or bastard staffs .. meteorites the official name and the other is a good description of it's action if you don't know what you're doing (and often also if you do)

thanks guys


member - tee hee "member"
Location: Bethnal Green, London
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Posted:I still think they are more forgiving than three section staff....
Check out SotonFireSpinning for pictures of Rob Nunchucks using a wirewool-three-section-staff!

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Location: Dallas.........ish
Member Since: 14th May 2003
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Posted:.......whered he get his staff...ive been wanting a good 3peice for a while................

u know contact info..anything at all???
if u do...pm me...

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Location: Oxford, UK
Member Since: 22nd Jun 2004
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Posted:Rob makes all his own stuff. He has made a guide on how to make nunchucks and 3-section staffs though - it is here.


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Location: Plymouth, Devon
Member Since: 23rd Mar 2004
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Posted:lol yup i was way behind everyone else lol


Location: nsw, gunnedah
Member Since: 30th May 2006
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Posted:i made one of them too, but i called it a poi-staff, coz thats exactly wat it is... a staff, wiv poi on the ends. i also put 4 wicks on it, theres a wick on the and of the chains, and also on each end of the handle itself. its so cool!!

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old hand
Location: Cambridge, UK
Member Since: 10th Feb 2007
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Posted:It's a staff-poi. tongue

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