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Posted:Would you call yourself a perfectionist? If so, why?

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Posted:yes and no

yes because i would like to be able to to so some things perfectly.

no because i am mostly to lazy to actually make the effort.

unless im spinning, where perfection is a place that my mind goes when it all comes together.

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Posted:I'm a virgo

apparently, virgo = pendantic perfectionest.

seems to hold true with me anyway. it would be a lot easier if I weren't - maybe I could then actually call a project finished once in a while.


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Posted:im with ado, id say with some things i am, with others i just cant be bothered to perfect it..

also depends on what mood im in.. i smoke rollies, and sometimes they have to be absolutely perfect or ill reroll, other times i just cant be fudged and ill smoke almost any cig..


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Posted:Definitely not. I like seeing projects finished, even if they have a flaw or two. At least that way, I can move on to something else and actually admire what I have been able to accomplish. Besides, each new project is a learning tool anyway, so it's not meant to be perfect.

Makes enjoying life much easier. smile


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Posted:I'm in the middel too..........everything i do i try to make perfect, but as things happen they dont turn out mom says i push for perfection to hard some times

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But you have to let them close enough to help......
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Posted:Only whilst juggling - as anyone who knows me will tell you i'm one of those people who will do something however many times before getting it. Once i get whatever pattern i'm trying, i will practice and practice until it looks perfect.

Then comes the fun part, playing around with whatever pattern i've just perfected. smile

with anything else, not really.

Altho...there's a famous story of Robert de Niro and Jodie Foster on the making of Taxi Driver - de Niro would rehearse the lines with Foster so many times that she would get very bored with it all. Then on set when they shot the scene and de Niro started to improvise, she knew the lines so well she could flow with it. I think this kind of perfectionism is a good thing, when on the day the best comes out.

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Posted:I really was a perfectionist, every thing had to be perfect,
my hair, my body, even my marks at school had to be high.
I think this was because I was very uncertain.
When I heard people laugh when I walked by I was sure that was
because of me.
So when everything is perfect the chance is less that they laugh about me.
Since a month I have a boyfriend and that changed a lot for me.
He loves me for whom I am, so without being perfect their are people who love me.
I'm still not certain about every thing and I'm still a perfectionist.
And I will stay like that I'm sure.
But that is also good, for some points.
Now I know how to handle with it I have less trouble of it.
(cause I had, I was really uncertain when something wasn't perfect)
An example is now I'm typing this I use a dictionary for hard words
I don't know how to write, and when I'm finished I will use the spell checker.
Just because I'm afraid that people think I'm stupid, because my English isn't
perfect (I have dyslexia) and so on.

Live your life, the way you want to live it.
So have fun. And be happy sunny
Love you nantheos ubblove


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Posted:it depends on what im doing... i wouldnt call myself a perfectionist because the majority of the time i just want to get something done, because i am a fast worker i rarely pay close attention to detail. however i have been called a perfectionist many times in the past... which i guess is true to some extent, i hate it when things arent completely right (but only some things). so i guess i am stuck somewhere in the middle smile

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Posted:If it comes to poi or staff id say yes.

Unless im doing it exactly how i picture it im not happy. Im real critical of what i do. That dosnt mean other people see me as perfect, but if i CAN get to my limit of what i expect, then im happy. It just means i have to set my goal higher next time. biggrin

Thats a cool thing about poi, it dosnt matter what other people think, as long as your happy with it yourself.




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Posted:Perfectionist. When I think of when I played gigs, I wouldn't be happy unless my set was perfect.

I want this perfection in my poi'ing.

But I don't have perfection for everything, my english is terrible, my handwriting is like a drunk spiders scrawl on LSD, and I know my parents think my appearance is far less then perfect... but I don't care about them things or what people think of me (to a certain degree).

I used to be indecisive, but I'm not so sure now.....


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Posted:i just started writing that i'm not a perfectionist, but then i realised that i am quite a bit. i used to really beat myself up if things weren't exactly how i thought they should be, like good marks at school should be better, etc. i think that this came from living with my sister, who is apparently perfect at everything (can you feel that bitterness coming through?), and there has always been lots of competition between us. but since we've stopped living together, i've been able to accept that i'm not perfect, and nobody is.


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Posted:sometimes things are perfect cos they just happen that way and all you have to do is notice that its perfect.

sometimes perfect is this place in your head you are trying to get to, i have this place in my head but most of the time i am happy if i end up somewhere else instead, becuase that is probably perfect in its own way to.

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Posted:Written by:
sometimes things are perfect cos they just happen that way and all you have to do is notice that its perfect.

sometimes perfect is this place in your head you are trying to get to, i have this place in my head but most of the time i am happy if i end up somewhere else instead, becuase that is probably perfect in its own way to.

....Wise words...

My 2cent:
In order to be "perfect" one has to become better.
In order to become better one has to know what is good.

And the Question of what is good has been one of the oldest problems in Philosophy.
What is good Poi? Symmetrical? In time? Dancy? Technical? Fast? . . . . None of those. Everyone is inspired by different things. You can only judge "good" for yourself. Pick your preferences and play weavesmiley Its not important how good you are - the only thing that counts is if you enjoy what you are doing peace

meditate Inspire and be inspired meditate

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i can have two answers, right?

it depends. im not a perfectionist all the time, but sometimes things need to be just "so".




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Posted:i am a perfectionist, as I have just turned sixteen.
Sixteen is a good number.

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