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Posted:you all have to check out this site.....



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Location: Guelph, ON, Canada
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Posted:Old. But good. But too tired to try to pay attention enough to the littly high pitched fast speaking squirrel. But watch foamy fanmail, and look at the bagel evolve each episode....

~ Bobo

wie weit, wie weit noch?
fragst mich, wo wir gewesen sind...
du fehlst hier


Disco Inferno
Location: Remote Western Australia Karra...
Member Since: 12th Nov 2004
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Posted:oh god that site is on my favourites, i lived off neurotically yours humour for atleast a year, i was just lucky enough to be able to speak at the same speed as foamy to use his punch lines, credited of course, awesome site good choice!

"Only fools are positive! are you sure? Im POSITIVE"


Carpal \'Tunnel
Location: Hampshire College, MA, USA
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Posted:i've been going to that site for about a year now. you are most correct, sir, it is most excellent (!!!!)

btw, is that avatar morpheus? if it is, peace for gaiman


"How do you know if you're happy or sad without a mask? Or angry? Or ready for dessert?"

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