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Posted:what policies should i look at


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Posted:this has been discussed about a zillion times.

PLEASE run a search!

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Posted:searches take to long........plus it would ruin ALL this frustration wink

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Posted:I got mine from Country Mutual and it cost 140 per year, the title of the policy is simply Fire Spinner.

you'll have to search for the rest, or try contacting general insureres direct.

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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Posted:Hi corrie,
You can try searching using the box in the top right hand corner of the page and you'll probably find some answers.

Also, when asking questions consider that this is an international site and if people don't know where you're from they can't answer any location based questions, like insurance.


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Posted:check out "Duck for cover" worldwide performers insurance, all the performers I know use them wink

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Posted:Has anyone had any positive/negitive experiences with this company that would stop me typing my credit card details into their website... seems to be a life saver... too good to be true?

Cheers, and sorry if this has been discussed... i did a search ubbangel


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Posted:400 dollars a year?

a life saver?

i don't have that sort of money

ture na sig


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Posted:The last quote i got was $2000 a year and it only covered me if i hit people while the equipment was unlit, not if they were on fire
Bruises not burns... stuuupid insurance! mad

Duck for cover is designed for performers and is relitively cheep if someone is running a part time business.

But I do need to know if they are as good as they seem smile

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Posted:Hi Icarus..

re. duck for cover..

We've been with them for many years and they have always been very reliable.. their prices are excellent compared to anything else we have found in Oz... so I would definitely vouch for them.

all the best..
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