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Posted:Ok this is going to get interesting to say the least.......

I was talking to my father last nite, and we got on the topic of the Iraq war. Now my father is retired military and a republican, but still thinks this war was wrong and has gone on long enough. We began to discuse what we thought might bring an end to this war. My idea caused an even longer discussion between the 2 of us, he saw my points and I his, but we never agree when it comes to now that you know the back story heres my idea................

Bush and Osama sit down and discuse how to bring and end to this war. Now I know that sounds like some hairbrain idea, and it will most likely never happen, but on the other side of that coin, it has never been tryed.

Now from what I can gather, the problem on Osama's side is America's policy towards the muslim world. Now I looked into this, what I found (and again I do understand that I might or did miss something) was that the problem is the U.S. is giving aid to Israel. If it realy is something this small, then shouldn't there be a peacefull solution?

At this point there have been so many deaths, on both sides. People have lost, fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers, and best friends. It's apparent that this war will not end with a decided victor, so why not try talking........I don't know maby I'm just a hopless pacifist, but in the wake of Asian tsunami, and the mudslide in California, and the 4 storms my state faced we have lost so so so many people, why continue to kill?

Ok I'm done.........your thoughts please......and keep it nice people, i understand that this "talking" idea is not the most popular, but DO NOT attack any ones ideas.......thank you F>F

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Posted:I really don't think it would work. (of cource anything is better than a war. and if talking takes 100's of years the so be it).

The reason this wouldn't work is that they would have to reach some sort of comprimise (obviuosly). I think neither iraq or america would be prepared to do either. Saddam and his sons have been responsible for so much terror and pain and they are not going to jus say "ok, we won't do it anynore as long as you stay out of our country" since the reason (or rather part of the excuse) america went in was to stop the poor treatment of the citizens of Irac.

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