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does anyone know where you can buy clothing made of NOMEX? it's a fabric that's nearly impossible to set on fire. i met a fire performer at burning man who was wearing NOMEX pants.

i know i could always try to make the clothing, but I'd really rather have something like that done by a person who knows what they're doing.

thanks a lot for your time. i searched for nomex pants and nomex clothing and nothing germane came up. (apologies if this question has been answered recently).


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Posted:why the F#$k would you EVER want to wear nomex??? youd burn up (not fire) nomex is like wearing a neoprene suit in 100 degree doesnt breath at all...just stick with fabrics like denim and heavy cotton and you should be fine..
oh! and for another wrench in the works i think nomex is mad expensive...

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Posted:i know that Riz (Fire by Riz - wears NOMEX material. I am not sure if he sells it or not, but i think he does. If not, he could point you in the right direction....

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Posted:if you practice a lot.. you'll get all the benifits of nomex without the cost/uncomfortableness of wearing it... :-)



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Posted:I am a clothing designer, my line, 3rd Earth Fireproof caterers to fire performers. Nomex is one of many fibers used for fire safe uniforms, most commonly for welders. There are great fabrics called "ultrasoft" which are blends of cotton and high tenacity nylon that feel just as nice as a button down shirt. I work with nomex, stretch kevlar, utrasoft,Duvetyeen, indura and leather. The only favric that I use that feels very warm is 100% stretch kevlar which I reccomend wearing when spinning outdoors on a chilly night, its like wearing thermals. My goal is to make more stylish options for fire spinners that are comfortable for stretching and dancing too. these garments are safe for fire spinners and not just welders. We come in direct contact with flames, whereas welders generally don't, thats why i sew with nomex thread. you can see what I'm taking about here:

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