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Location: Cheltenham, England
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2004
Total posts: 64
Posted:Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought 'what is the point of my existence'?

Have you ever felt that you are useless to everyone including yourself?

Have you ever pondered your flesh and how all it is is a sweat-leaking waterproof shell for all the misunderstood pain and angst inside?

What is the solution to the horrific position you have found yourself in, wherein you know that -to use Tyler Durden's immortal words- 'you are not a beautiful unique snowflake'?

Why, make money off of your supposedly 'worthless' hide by selling an area of your flesh for the purpose of advertising!

It made me smile and I thought it was always nice to spread the news of the oddness of others, particularly when it brings with it happiness and bemusement.


I can't be evil; I'm wearing pink.


Location: Southampton
Member Since: 3rd Aug 2004
Total posts: 1626
Posted:I'd do that, if it was only for 30 days. Hell yeah. 200 for having something on your forehead for a month.. you'd look stupid but it would pay the rent!

What a wonderful miracle if only we could look through each other's eyes for an instant.


Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
Member Since: 11th Aug 2004
Total posts: 529
Non-Https Image Link

What's my shop discount now?

"My skin is singed but it heals my heart and with glowing pride I'll wear my scars." -Davey Havok


Location: Cheltenham, England
Member Since: 2nd Dec 2004
Total posts: 64

Oh fantastic, and very quickly done!

I can't be evil; I'm wearing pink.


Still wiggling
Location: Belfast
Member Since: 22nd Oct 2002
Total posts: 5967

Getting to the other side smile

flash fire
flash fire

Sporadically Prodigal
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Member Since: 25th Jan 2001
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Posted:Nice one mtbeer! ubblol

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HOP admin
Location: HOP
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Posted:MTBeer smile I just had to increase your HOP loyalty points.
Like the hair cut too

"May your balls always burn"

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