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Posted:I train on the weekends with a group of guys in full contact sparring (we call it fight club). Its fucken awesome and I've learnt so much from it. I'm only eighteen and about 60kg (although Im fucken toned (92% lbm 8% fat)) and I went up against a 27yr old boxer/rugby player who weighs about 90kg and is raw muscle. I beat the hell out of the guy for ten minutes before the fight ended. The only reason I won was because of my basic adaption techniques and flow. The two things which I find has expotentially improved my fire spinning skills. Are there any other 'fight clubs' that anyone's involved in and if so how do u guys run it and stop having to call an ambulance every week?

Also I've been training in ninjukai taijitsu for about 5 months now I'm wondering if there are any other Ninjukai dojos around the world especially in Europe. I know there are a few in south east asia, japan and in Western Australia (where I am).

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Posted:OOOOHh you sik bastard!

Wish I could find somewhere like that. It might be a problem for me though as I'm 5 foot 3, and way only 7 and a half stone (don't know what that is in Kg).
You big shovanist males probablee wouldn't let a little girl like me play, wouldja?


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Posted:i really waant to learn a martial art - kung foo or something would b cool. b good to feel safe walking the streets alone,if u knew u could defend pretty weak & feeble so if a big bloke tried to attack me i wouldn't have a hope in hell!

i think its sound to learn new skills but why beat each other stupid for a laugh? A group of my mates meet about once a month (or when the bruisings have gone down from the previous time!), get pissed and have their own version of fight club. they just fight each other for a larf and most of em end up in loads of pain for weeks! so obviously this wouldn't be your idea of a proper fight club burningbyron, but it can b funny to watch.

i don't really understand the attraction myself, must b a guy thing!?



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Posted:amazin, Byron, impressive stats in ya winnin fight. don't know of other fight clubs of fire spinners, but certainly spinnin's got to add a lot of jive to people's moves elsewhere.

stone, FairyQueen, that's something like...17 lb/ 8 kg?...ah, i'll look it up. it's 6.36 kg or 14 lb avoir du pois (don't remember if that's US lbs), so you're 47.7 kg or 105 lb which rings right to me knowing women's weights in lb better, nice weight

molten cheers,

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Posted:Wouldja like ma measurements too Mike?

...sorry. I'm in a cheeky mood today..

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Posted:I used to spar with a bunch of guys out here in a city near Denver. There were about nine or ten of us. Some from shao lin kung fu, some from tai chi, choy li fut, Togaure ryu and a bunch of diffirent styles. Then there was me with my Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. It did me a lot of good as a suppliment to my training, espeacially sparring styles like shao lin that have completely diffirent movements than mine.

I've never heard of Ninjukai Taijutsu. Who is the grandmaster? or is there one?. I know of only three or four world wide Taijutsu orginizations one being Bujinkan (the style I trained in), the others being Gimbukan, and Jenninkan (which from what I understand is kind of a joke). So I only can think of three of hand.

Most of the arts that have odd names like that are usually conglomerations of arts put together by one person, usually military officers and G.I.'s. Kind of a mishmash of all the arts that they'd trained in over the years. I had a friend in the Air Force who was instructed in Kaikaninjakan (sp?) I have never heard of it before or since. Sometimes they are wonderful arts, sometimes not, but in my experiance that is usually due to the quality of instructor. Also in the late 80's when the big ninja craze hit the movies many, many diffirent dojo's sprang up with 'ninja' somewhere in the title of the art. Most of these were there with the sole pupose to make money. But I don't mean to insinuate that your art is one of these, I've just never heard of it, and by the sound of it it has done well by you.

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Posted:shaolin training used for violent gratification?
violence at all for gratification?
Did they learn the same shaolin that was founded to be only used in self defence and the development of the body for the purpose of sharpening one's mind for Cha'an Bhuddist philosophy (Bodhidhama's counterpart to Japanese Zen.)
Hurting mates, consenting or not, padded or not, is still violence for gratification.
I ask you, what is the harder challenge:
a shaolin no-shadow kick to roundahouse, or confronting the negative element in your nature?
while i'll pretend to understand your point of view, realise that my girlfriend sometimes works in intensive care and I'm she could show you truly how far a friendly bout can accidentally fuck someone permanently. The difference between playfights -or any fights- and the unthinkable is always a split second. It's reality checks like this that keep me from abusing what I have learnt.
be safe, mate! because you do not want to regret this post while eating hospital food. I would not want that!
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