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Posted:hello, I've a question.....I started with Poi now for about 3 months and it is great! But how do you get it so that you fasten the two poi cords to each other, so you can spin around with one hand and then give it to your other hand.. (I do not mean an one handed butterfly or something else) and through your legs, etc, etc.. i think with the stainlees steel quick link..but i'am not sure..

A good sample is the video from ataxia (Meteor vid 1)





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Posted:im not sure how you mean :S do you meen to turn your poi into meteors as in all in one cause if so yes that will work.

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Posted:there's a few threads on this, I know cuz I started one and there's various ideas for it.

try this link poiteors and I think there may be a few other links to older thread in there somewhere....but I could be wrong


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Location: Amersfoort, Holland
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Posted:allright, thanks..i've seen it already...it where meteors!


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Posted:Tie a knot.

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Posted:I have handles on my poi big enough to get the other poi through.
and then you can just slip them together and they wont get loose:

Non-Https Image Link

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Posted:Written by: nearly_all_gone

Tie a knot.



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