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Posted:Well, summer is over and I am returning to Michigan. I start driving today.

I'll be in touch.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Good Luck with your travels Mike!! As you are i am too off on my wee travels..takin de bus from vancouver through to Seattle stop off for a wee bit then off to Sacramento California...there for a coupla weeks then catchin the jet off to Good ol NZ!! so i'll be around at some stage!! love to you all and keep safe
love caseyxo



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Posted:Welcome back to the grand ol' state of Michigan Mike! I'm living in the UP right now but I'll be back downstate in a couple of weeks after a short trip to Seattle and a cross country drive. Maybe we can spin sometime, I desperately need mucho help.

peace, luv, & happy travels everyone,
the caged one

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