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Posted:finally burned myself for first time last night. was doing trailing pre-spin show, and got a little too much fuel on hands. (was lighting hands intentional as part of prespin speech.) got a very minor burn just behind middle knuckle of middle finger...flamed a second too long.

anyone remember their first time burned?

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Posted:well, dare i say it, i havent been burnt YET. but i have only had a go at lighting up twice, so who knows when my turn is gona come.

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Posted:actually my first time being burned spinning was only a few weeks ago the only time in 3 years of spinning! i did a wrap around my ankel and the cord on my poi wraped around itself arounf my ankel and i couldnt get it off.. !!! i got aslight mark from it nothing spectacualr.

the worst burn i ever got was a 3rd degree on my indexfinger from a soldering iron.. it smelled like chicken i went into shock think oh hey im ok so i drove home and passed out. my boyfriend at the time came over and drove me to the docter.. i was half a cm away from having a skin graft... it was almost cooked to the bone!!!!
after awhile the cooked bit fell of and i got a little dent on my finger cause it never grew back *lol*

and another on my leg from the tail pipe of a harley davidson when i was 6.. it just hurt

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Posted:i got my first burn about a week ago, on lighting my new fire staff,
I look at it as me becoming part of her (the new fire staff) and her becoming part of me, together we are one, and no one can seperate us (unless she is 6ft blonde with legs up to her arm pits and babilons the size of mountains, then maybe we may be parted, for a whole 2 minutes!!!!! Lucky lady!!!!, but then again thats just me, short and sweet!!!)

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Posted:I got a few minor little patches of redness that hardly count as burns right from the start and still do. My first decent burn was from doing overhead butterfly when they handcuffed me when they came back over my head. small blister on the side of my wrist. It proved to me that as that was about the worst tangle I could get into, there really was little to fear. I got more burns more often as a chef.
I now eat and breathe fire and I've burned myself more on cup-a-soup than them. When I teach a new person fire, I try to touch burning wicks as much as I can to demystify the idea that they might burst into flame and die if they hit themselves. I do a wrap that looks like I've hit myself in the balls. They don't even get warm!




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Posted:I once wrapped a lit poi around my neck, luckily it went out as it hit but the metal really did leave a nasty little burn.

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Posted:hmmm ive only lost a few wrist hairs.... dont ya just love that smell ewww lol... mind you... ive only lit my poi twice... and havent been game enough to do anything fancy yet... so ill get back to you on this one lol


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Posted:When I was 4 I ran across a pit of white hot coals in American Samoa on one of their beautiful pristine beachs where some natives were cooking fish. Some of the coals actually melted into my feet. That was 14 years ago and I still remember the pain ividly.

I received a mighty burn on my shoulder/back last month fire breathing when a freak wind suddenly changed directing and blew it back around my head and down my back. WFT???

Yeah it hurt and all my so called friends died laughing at me.

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