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zarkiazarkiaBRONZE Member
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Location: ireland

before i start i have to say: i've searched all over the boards and google and havn't found anything.
ok then - here goes

has anyone figured out a good way to wash your hands after handling kero? cause generally after a fire spin my hands are manky with the stuff and even though i wash my hands 5 or 6 times the smell is still there - which to me means that the kero is still there too.
so how does everyone else wash their hands after a spin? or what do you wash with?
thanks for any info.

onewheeldaveonewheeldaveGOLD Member
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Location: sheffield, United Kingdom

I find it useful to have some water and a cloth around during the spin (which you should have anyway for safety reasons) and wipe/wash hands between spins. That helps to cut down on the stuff accumalating.

Also, I have a pair of thick vinyl coated gardening gloves for handleing wicks, paraffin containers etc, between spins- this is essential for me as I use fire ropes and wring out excess fuel rather than spinning it off; however, even if I didn't do that I'd still use the gloves because any equipment that comes into contact with fuel becomes filthy.

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AdeSILVER Member
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zarkia (and anyone else who
s listening)... come in real close...

I'm going to let you in on a secret that fisherpeople like myself have been using for years to get rid of the smell of bait and fish off your hands...

toothpaste clap

I can't explain it (maybe a clever HoPper can) but it takes the smell of those sorts of things right away.

I'd love to hear how others get ris of the smell too - great question hug

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Ade... You're a genius. Seemed to work...

Now how do I get rid of the smell of the toothpaste?? biggrin

I'll try it again a bit later after I've handled my fuel a bit more, but so far, double thumbs up!!!

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nearly_all_gonenearly_all_goneSILVER Member
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Toothpaste! Genius!!! biggrin Thanks!

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DuncDuncGOLD Member
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you could always try a barrier cream befor hand to help things along?

I've always used baby wipes and can't say I have a problem afterwards. Anti-bacterial hand wash is good too and much better than soap or showergel.

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CodyCodySILVER Member
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I use white gass instead of Kero
Smokeless (relatively)
Fumes evaporate = no smell
I can fly with my wicks and not worry about kero smell resing suspicion
Clothes/hands don't stink
Less black chared stuff messing up everything.
Lights easy and quickly.

But it's a more dangerous way to play with fire. (is that an oxy-moron?)

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zarkiazarkiaBRONZE Member
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Location: ireland

heh heh - toothpaste - i can just imagine me getting a toothbrush to my hands. biggrin
but thanks for the suggestion

i guess barrier cream and gloves are a good idea too.

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less than a tablespoon of "fast orange" does the trick. all natural and biodegradable. you technically don't even have to rinse your hands, but it tastes terrible. you can get travel size bottles at auto supply stores like auto zone . (every other brand sucks)

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DuncDuncGOLD Member
playing the days away
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Location: The Middle lands, United Kingdom

oh yeah, Arashi you just reminded me....any citrus fruit is great for cleaning and freshening breath! (but oranges are generally the best) Cut an orange in half, use one half to help clense your hands after a normal 'wash' and eat the other once they're clean so you can go snoggin biggrin

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