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Posted:Ok, so i would quite like to put up some photies in my gallery but the files size is too big.
Could someone tell me how to go about compressing them coz i dunno how frown

P.S i did a search but couldnt find anything.

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Posted:Open it up in a graphics package such as PhotoShop.

Go to 'image size' (which will probably be under something like 'image'on the menu bar).

Easiest to work with is 'pixels' rather than cms or inches, as with pixels you can forget about the resolution (or dots per inch).

As many pcs display at 800 pixels screen width, its safe to knock down the pixel width of your photos to something like 600-700 pixels.

(there will probably be a check box with something like 'constrain proportions' in the resizing box- make sure it's got a check in it as this will automatically alter the height to match the width).

If it was originally bigger than 800, then this action alone will make the file size considerably smaller.

Next, 'save as' or export it and choose 'JPEG' as the file format- you'll see a slider with 'quality' on it.

(when saving it make sure you give it a DIFFERENT file name, so it doesn't overwrite your original image- keep the origianal as it is because these new ones will be lower quality).

Low quality gives smaller file size, but too low gives a loss in quality.

Save several versions under different names then see which give the best results.

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Posted:Thank you One Wheel Dave! Been wondering about that meself for a while hug damn im bad at computers

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Posted:The software for my HP scanner printer will do this, I keep meaning to use it to create an avatar , and it's alot simpler to use than photoshop.


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Posted:Fankoo vewy much onewheeldave. I dont have photoshop but i managed to work it out using another prog thanks to your instructions smile
im going to see if i can fix my photies now. smile


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Posted:More help please! I've got a test-type version of Photoshop but the image sizing thing seems to be excluded so it wants me to buy the full version. I'm reluctant to do that until I know what's the best kind of package - any recommendations?

I've only just plucked up the courage to try my scanner for the 1st time tonight (you're in good company stroo!) so now I'm peed off cos I've got my photos on my laptop but can't post them on HoP!

Am I better off scanning them at medium or low quality rather than high?

And how the heck do you keep your gallery below 150kb??

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