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Posted:After recent events involving myself and many seasoned performers i know both at home and through HOP i would like to ask 1 thing of all:

Please please do not fire breathe unless you have practised many times with water and are sure(more importantly, someone with experience is sure) that you are ready to fire breathe.

AS shown, even years of experience is sometimes not enough to stop the worst happening. With this in mind ALWAYS remember that fire breathing is one of the most dangerous things around, DO NOT try it when altered in any way, and do not do many in a short space of time(ie. a few weeks if possible!) as lungs take a longlong time to recover.

My personal policy is only to fore brreathe when highly paid, but even that is gone now after inhaling fumes on saturday. Fortunately i am nowhere near as bad as either Pele or Liam(get well soon both of you), but i will not be breathing fire for a longlonglonglong time now.

SO! i know that fire breathing is highly addictive, but PLEASE be careful, and read the fire safety sheets here on HOP before starting(don't know how to put a link in here, could someone be so kind? (nudge to cantus there.... )


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Posted:Wise words, Well put.

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Posted:I was doing a gig at a beach festival on Saturday where these novice fire spinners were not only spinning fire with no regard to the people standing closely around them but later on one started doing some fire breathing and that was when I was really appalled at what I saw.

His face was covered in paraffin that was dribbling with each aspiration he attempted and he made no attempt to wipe it off, fire nearly catching on his face many times. Worst of all, he actually started letting people from the crowd who approached him have a go at it themselves, with no training at all.

People like them disgust me, they have no respect for safety and fire as a lethal element. They are not fire spinners, they are merely wankers. I never want to spin with people like that again.

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Posted:Link: Fire Breathing Basics by Pele

There you go.. I strongly agree with large amounts of caution especially in light of so many accidents recently to experienced people.

Stay safe,




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Posted:dude pyrophile i have seen what you saw so many times that it's really frightened me. i completely freaked out after about the fourth time. the worst part is that when you try to go and help them, lots of times they will be totally incapable of talking about it without pulling some huge ego crap. it makes me so sad. i used to be afraid that they would start hurting people, and there are articles popping up everywhere about accidents where audience members are killed. i was so refreshed and overjoyed when i started hanging out here and found other anal safety people. my hope was renewed in humanity. but the wankers are everywhere! be on your toes! everybody thinks fire is soooo cool! so all the egos just come crawling out of the woodwork!

fire is alive!

hey mineiro what fuel were you using?

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Posted:OK.. Im glad someone else is as anal as I am about safety... I watched a guy breathing KERO getting it all over his face and catch his beard on fire a few months ago... God damn... dont people get it... they are playing with FUEL and FIRE... your face WILL burn if ya doing it wrong... your lungs WILL scream out in agony if you inhale the fuel...
I would have had an anurusym (sp)if I had seen someone letting the public breathe without sending them to someone who knows what they are doing for lessons... a fresh one to the side of the head with a big ole "ARE YOU INSANE?" would have been adminstered quick smart...
I have noticed that ego is a major issue with some spinners.They think they are invinciable. I'll just direct them to Peles get well thread from now on...
I watched a guy put out his staff on sunday night at Burleigh by putting his lit staff into the pocket of his pants and slapping it until it went out... he looked up at me watching him and smiled saying "isnt that cool?" to which I replyed
"how long have you been twirling?"... he looked kinda taken aback and replyied "about a month" to which I said... "well you have a little bit to learn about safety yet" and took him over to meet my friend who has a massive 2nd degree burn scar on her hand from where her jumper caught on fire and melted to her hand... maybe that will help him to realise burns HURT...
Anyone I see twirling without good safety measures in place I usually take to the side and have a whisper in their ear... its not that Im trying to be a killjoy... its just that I am concerned about them hurting themselves...and usually they appreciate it when I explain this to them as well...

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Posted:ppls here made me realize how tricky breathing is, and i decided it wasn't for me at this junction. any of you who worry that by talking safety you're being a (to borrow the word) killjoy...think again. i may love fire, but i welcome reality checks now and again. i take enough risks on a daily basis as need to tempt Fate.
i'll spin my staff estatically for hours for step at a time, as it goes.

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