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Posted:Does anyone know how to spin with fabric flags or banners which are weighted? Is this still considered poi or is there a whole new name for this? I just saw a couple guys spinning with metallic fabric (they called it tissue lamei (sp?) in Golden Gate Park and I had never seen this kind of spinning before. If anyone knows what I'm referring to and can pass on any information that would be great.

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Posted:yep , most ppl call these flags...depending on design, you can do everything you can do with Poi with flags...The most effective way I've seen to construct em is by making some Poi handles, with chains...and then sewing the material of your choice to the links of the chain...make the bottom of the flag wider than the top (handle end) and they will flow smoothly...and you can do all the tricks you can do with Poi with them.There are lots of other ways...but twirling a real flag and pole is a bit different. its a bit more like sword work.hmmHTH,Josh


Posted:Thanks JohnDo you know if there are any sites that are devoted to spinning with flags? also, is there a particular type of material that works better than others?




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Posted:any lightweight fabric will work well, but silk is the strongest and it look very liquidy when it's spun. I have a set of big white silk flags that rule. There are a few flagging sites, but there are no move break-downs on the, only pics. Here's a few:
you find any other that are any good, let me know.

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Posted:Under the general listing page on the right hand corner you will find numbers 1 through 3. Click the 3 and there you will find the topic flags. A bunch of us posted how we make them and scuh. You might find it helpful.Also not *all* the poi moves can be done as much and as repetitiously as the the fabric gets wound around the "handle"...which mine is a length of curtain cording instead of chain, it looks really nice. I had white ones too Dangerboy. I painted mine with watercolors and they look really cool and very ethereal when flowing. I have giant black one with silver sparkly things but I have yet to master the larger size.Hope it helps.------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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Posted:or this site: have two pair of these, and they are lots of fun. They fly really well too... yipppeee!!