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i have not enough time to check out thjreads and all but i know some of my dear friends hgere were worried

Jeff and I are ok and have now been evacuated to Bangkok
we were in Khao Lak beach phan ga diustrict so directly hit by the tsunami on the 26th in the morning

i had time to run up the top floor of our hotel with my friends and their chikdren
jeff was on the beach and found energy and time to climb up a tree

many hotel guests and staff did not have taht luck
many people alltopgether did not
i have no words just yet about what happened and what we witnessed

but i hope you all send love and energy and healing to the ones who were hurt and suffer ... they really need it

Feeling alive
and incredibly lucky

with tremendous love

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Posted:My love and thoughts are with everyone involved at this time.

Glad to hear Cass and Jeff are ok. Much love and big hugs

Sorry to hear about your friends pyrowill, and kyrian ...i hope you get some good news on your cousin. hug angel angelblue hug

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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friends.. i feel for you and everyone who has lost someone they love.. my heart aches for you.

i have a hard time.. being so happy knowing my family is safe and at the same time knowing how many people are suffering beyond imagination.

I hope your family is safe & you'll hear from them soon.. i am so sorry, for the worry i know you're going through.

huge hugs to all of you .. and all those who are suffering.. and to all those who survived..


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Posted:Sucess!! Everyone was vacationing in the North in the mountains, so it took awhile for them to inform us. I'm really glad they didn;t decide to go to the beaches eek
to anyone still waiting. thanks for all of the wonderful wishes.

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Posted:Shine on beautiful - hug2 ubblove

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Posted:Hi sweety. We were at Woodford over xmas & new year, and a bunch of us HoPPers were thinking of you. We were so glad when we heard through Flynt that you were okay.

hug hug hug

Take care and be safe

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