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Posted:I came across photos of fire wings the other day and they look so beautiful, I was thinking of making some. Anyone have any suggestions? I think the wing is made out of some form of aluminium...I don't know how I'd go about making them. If i'd buy firetorches and attach them or if I'd just make them myself, winding on some wick to a piece of steel? And the clip on the arms and hands...It all seems to hard for someone who isn't very good with hands on steel work!


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Posted:do you instend to be able to spin them?

if you wanna spin them i think you should start off with the handles and work down the bit that goes down your arm, then attatch the pieces of metal that the wicks will go on and the 'wing' bit onto them and the bit that goes along your arm. that's how i'd attempt to do it

i guess you'll need atleast someone else to help you who knows what they're doing

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Posted:go down the thread a bit more - there's a post named Isis wings that was about this - or at least turned into a conversation about these - i think there's some info about their construction there too...

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