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Posted:Ok lads,

I've just heard about this...
A huge earthquake occured in the Indian ocean yesterday, prompting a massive tidal wave which impacted Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Thailand.

I know there are many Hoppers in Thailand at the minute, though I hope most of them are on the other side of the island.

My thoughts and best wishes go out to those caught up in this today... if you are in Thailand, please post (when you can) to let us know you're ok.

Take care, all my love
Clare xx

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Posted:yeah am from Thailan... ones of most beautiful island in this crazy world are destroy.. Phi phi island..Krabi...pang nga Phuket and the rest. And what so pity is people who died and missin but here we can handle it not same sri lanka and India coz they more ppl died n country is kinda poor so not so much money for support..
Must thx eveyrone who donate blood n cash for my country and the rest.I can feel love in this world

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Posted:Ok, just an update and a question:

My friends dad I talked about was found, dead, on New Years Eve. I haven't seen them yet as they're still out there. frown

I got an email on Sunday titles "tsunami orphanage project"

They want to go and do some rebuilding work in Sri Lanka. It all sounded too got to be true for me (see above posts) but (unlike most things that are too good to be true) this one seems to be for real.

They want people for a month (May, June or July at first). It costs 1000 for the month including travel, accommodation and food.

At the moment I'm really thinking about quitting my job and going in May.

Has anyone else had this email? don't worry, I'm going to make sure it's o scam or anything before I quit, and I recommend anyone else really checks things like this out before sending money etc.

Filthy assistant, were you still interested? If anyone wants to PM me for more info, please do but remember I still don't know if this is for real. (I'm 90% sure it is, otherwise I wouldn't post it here)

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Posted:I found out the other day, one of my dads leadlighting students best friend was in thailand when ti happened with ehr husband. They were sitting on deck chairs when they saw the wave. The hjusband gave her a boost up to the balcony of the hotel above them, two men helped her up but when she went to turn around , she held out her arm...but the wave had already come. I havent heard anymore than that, but tis amazing how many people its directly affected...
My dad may be going off to help, he did a nursing course so they said they would ahve use for him...

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Posted:My friend's daughter is married to a guy from Aceh. She is there with him now rebuilding things like toilets and incinerators. There is quite a lot of organised aid in the area rebuilding infrastructure, houses etc, but the people's long term livelihood and ability to get back financially on their feet is also vital. So they are also seeding new businesses in his wrecked, trashed and decimated village. Simple relevant things like wonton stalls. And paying the locals for their own rebuilding people can stay close to their former homes and not lose their land/rights in a difficult political climate. I have donated money directly to her rather than larger aid agencies because I know it will go directly to the people in a very empowering way. If anyone wants to contribute to this then send me a private mail here and I'll send the account details.

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